Issue with file uploads

Hi all;

I am trying to add a file submission aspect to a submission form, but I cannot get uploads to confirm they are uploaded:


<input type="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="2048">
<input name="File" type="file" size="50">



 if (isset($_FILES['File']['name']))
                                echo("File Uploaded\n");
                                echo("no File Uploaded\n");


no File Uploaded
Array ( )

Now I am new to file uploading, so maybe I am checking the wrong thing.
PHP is 4.2.2 on Apache 2, I will also need to check that the file is a zip file, not interested in uploads of anything else and will want to reject non-zip uploads.

Thanks all, big points cause I want a quick answer.
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instead of checking $_FILES['File']['name'], check the value of $_FILES['File']['error']. If it is anything other than 0, there is some sort of problem. the complete list of possible values is here:

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SqueebeeAuthor Commented:
Ok, so far so good, I can check against error being 0 and I get a "File Uploaded" report. Now how can I check if the upload was a zip file?
Well the later is easy enough
To check for zip file - do

  download file
  display error

Also when you upload a file, you need to verify that the file doesn't currently exist in the location you are uploading to, if it does you'll definately have errors.

As to verifying the file is uploaded why not just check the folder you are uploading to with file_exists and is_file to make sure your system wasn't tricked when uploading a file.

So let me know, thanks
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SqueebeeAuthor Commented:
Hmm, any way to avoid an extension spoof there? Ie can we check for a zip file by a method other then trusting the extension?
of course you can.

it's call "using magic numbers" (in clear, analysing the header of the binary file, like "PDF", "JPG" etc to deduce the real datafile type)
and I think you should RTFM about "uploading files" in the PHP online manual
SqueebeeAuthor Commented:
I actually will just go with the extension check for now, as I have to approve posts anyway. Thanks for your help Fendrin and Red.
No Problem, I like to help. Thanks for the A! btw, for type checking, try $FILES['file']['type'] to get the mime type.

btw, all of my answers are right in the manual:
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