Route WOL "magic packets"


I am trying to route WOL "magic packets" on Cisco equipment between 2 interfaces configured : and

I want to wake PC by sending a directed broadcast from subnet 10.x to 192.x (i.e.: WOLexecutable : MAC# - IP subnet broadcast#).

I have enabled "ip directed-bradcast" on both interface as well as tried to assign a new IP bradcast adress using "ip broadcast-address" on the interface where the PC to be waked resides. Nothing seems to work.

Please help!!!

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Try turning on "debug ip udp" on the router closest to the management station that will be sending the magic packets. You'll quickly see what's happening to them.
Once you see the UDP ports being used (I think it uses the same ports as bootp/dhcp - 68/69), then you can forward those:
router(config)#ip forward-protcol udp 68

Or if you believe this document:
The port that needs to be forwarded will vary depending on what software you're using to send the magic packet, but the normal port used for WoL is 9
router(config)#ip forward-protcol udp 9

Your application that is sending the magic packet may be configurable as to what port it is going to be sending to..

Also, if the client PC is connected to a switch, you'll want to disable spanning tree on that port. If it's a Cisco switch, then enable Portfast.
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