App.Path in vba?

How would I ask access what my DB path is? like App.Path is vb?

   - Marc
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Please try following code to find the db path:

Function FindMyFile()
Dim i As Integer
With Application.FileSearch
    .LookIn = "C:\Scratch\Data"  'Search path
    .SearchSubFolders = True
    .FileName = "*.dbf" 'Here to set the file type or name
    .MatchTextExactly = True
    .FileType = msoFileTypeAllFiles
    If .Execute() > 0 Then
        MsgBox "There were " & .FoundFiles.Count & _
            " file(s) found."
        For i = 1 To .FoundFiles.Count
            MsgBox .FoundFiles(i)
        Next i
        MsgBox "There were no files found."
    End If
End With
End Function




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Pete's suggestion is great for v2000 and above.

for 97 you can ...

Left$(CurrentDB.Name, Len(CurrentDB.Name) - Len(Dir(CurrentDB.Name)))

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Hi Folks,

Can't you use just use and extract the lefthand side of the string?


Hi Jes,  that is what my post does ...
Hi Folks,

@Steve:  Oh, alright then, you got there first ;0)

sometimes it take a while for the system to post , catch up, email ... I get dizzy myself just following the threads sometimes :-)
MarcGraffAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone!

   - Marc
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