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Visual Basic Write & Input


I would like to know how can I hmm do this ->

in example, I have textfile with 5 lines, as follows

and if I would like to load specific line, like line 3 to variable, how could I do that?
or if I would like to overwrite line 5 with something else, how can I do that?
(the text in the line should not matter, it could be anything from letters to numbers)

I know command Seek and I could use that, but the length of the text changes a lot, so
I can't actually use that..

Seek #1, 6 <-> but all texts aren't 5 letters, some of them could be 1, some 10 :)
or if I could do hmm this to all text

text: hello
'program counts how many letters. If there are under 10 letters, it adds " " to the word, until
'it has "10 letters", like -> "hello" would be "hello    " or so.
(in that case I could use Seek command and make the code "short")
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