NT 40 SP6 + Oracle 81600 patched 81613 + R/3 4.6c SR2,

The problem encountered during the R3load step (the most time consuming step) within CI&DB installation.

in CentrDB.r3s template.

20 load processes all together. To avoid mistake in Oracle, I set the parallel processes=1,
The load sequence is as:

0    R3load -i  SAPD010S.cmd -p SAPD010S.log
1   R3load -i  SAPAPPL0.cmd -p SAPAPPL0.log
2    R3load -i  SAPPOOL.cmd -p SAPPOOL.log
3    R3load -i  SAPSSRC.cmd -p SAPSSRC.log
4    R3load -i  SAP0000.cmd -p SAP0000.log
5    R3load -i  SAPAPPL1.cmd -p SAPAPPL1.log
6    R3load -i  SAPCLUST.cmd -p SAPCLUST.log
7    R3load -i  SAPDD03L.cmd -p SAPDD03L.log
8    R3load -i  SAPFUPAR.cmd -p SAPFUPAR.log
9    R3load -i  SAPSDIC.cmd -p SAPSDIC.log
10    R3load -i  SAPSDOCU.cmd -p SAPSDOCU.log
11    R3load -i  SAPSLDEF.cmd -p SAPSLDEF.log
12    R3load -i  SAPSLEXC.cmd -p SAPSLEXC.log
13    R3load -i  SAPSLOAD.cmd -p SAPSLOAD.log
14    R3load -i  SAPSPROT.cmd -p SAPSPROT.log
15    R3load -i  SAPSSDEF.cmd -p SAPSSDEF.log
16    R3load -i  SAPSSEXC.cmd -p SAPSSEXC.log
17    R3load -i  SAPTODIR.cmd -p SAPTODIR.log
18    R3load -i  SAPAPPL2.cmd -p SAPAPPL2.log
19    R3load -i  SAPDOKCL.cmd -p SAPDOKCL.log

The 4 error processes are:

0    SAPD010S.cmd
16    SAPSSEXC.cmd
18    SAPAPPL2.cmd
19    SAPDOKCL.cmd

The error message in CentrDB.log is:
   Child exited with error: rc = 2
   child_pid = 1

The four mistaken processes are reflected by the corresponding SAP*.log files:

# R3load -i SAPD010S.cmd -p SAPD010S.log
FIL: D:\oracle\C11\sapreorg\EXP_CD4\DATA\SAPD010S.001 #20031103120438
(IMP) TABLE: "D010S"
TAB: D010S
FIL: D:\oracle\C11\sapreorg\EXP_CD4\DATA\SAPD010S.001 #20031103120439
(IMP) WARNING: no INT type length field for RAW field in table "D010S"
(RFB) ERROR: wrong checksum - invalid data
#STOP: 20031103121708

# R3load -i SAPSSEXC.cmd -p SAPSSEXC.log
#Trying to create primary key "SEOTYPEPLS~0"
(IMP) TABLE: "T100"
TAB: T100
FIL: D:\oracle\C11\sapreorg\EXP_CD6\DATA\SAPSSEXC.001 #20031103160443
(RFB) ERROR: wrong checksum - invalid data
#STOP: 20031103160502


# R3load -i SAPAPPL2.cmd -p SAPAPPL2.log
#Trying to create primary key "FILTERTEXT~0"
FIL: D:\Install\Disk6\DATA\SAPAPPL2.001 #20031103162156
(RFB) ERROR: wrong checksum - invalid data
#STOP: 20031103162208


# R3load -i SAPDOKCL.cmd -p SAPDOKCL.log
FIL: D:\Install\Disk6\DATA\SAPDOKCL.001 #20031103162213
FIL: D:\Install\Disk6\DATA\SAPDOKCL.001 #20031103162213
(RFB) ERROR: wrong checksum - invalid data
#STOP: 20031103163825

Would you pls tell me what's the problem and the solution?

And, since 20 processes consume lots of time (0.5h/per), can I reload the mistaken processes individually rather than reload the entire task?

Great thanks!
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Hi lecamm,

this sounds like a CD with media errors. try an other export-CD (6 and 2) or redownload them from .

Hi Lecamm,
Try to download and Install MICROSOFT Loop Back Adapter. If you are not in the Network.

The installation intructions for installaing IDES successfully ;
1) Go to network properties $ install new Network Adapter--> Microsoft
Loop Back Adapter. Assign any IP address ( to this
adapter..restart system

Hope this will solve your problem.
lecammAuthor Commented:

Thanks for all you messages

Hi, okionka,
all the 4 mistaken processes are of:
(RFB) ERROR: wrong checksum - invalid data
what does it stands for?

Hi, Bandi,
Why do you mention a MS Loop back adapter here? If there is any information within the text that I had encountered a network error?
I am in a Ethernet LAN environment, the R/3 setup is of local settings.

Hi Lecamm,

i think that the developer of the R3load programm like long errror messages :
maybe RFB stands for "Read From Buffer" or "Read From Block" or somethink like this.

Each File on cd have a Checksum. So, if you have a wrong checksum the Information (Data) in the File is not correct  => incorrect.

Have you copied the Files from CD to the reorg directory by using explorer or by sapinst tool ? Mabe you can compare the files from cd with the correspondig file in sapreorg.

Maybe, you can try to read the cd in a differen cd-drive. Check if you have a malfunction hardware.


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