Moving Home folder


Ok im very new to linux.. so this will probally be a easy question...

My home folder was on a small partition on mt system, it filled up very quickly...
I would like to move it to a larger partition without affecting anything...

df -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1              36G  6.7G   27G  20% /
/dev/hda3             387M  9.3M  357M   3% /home
none                  251M     0  251M   0% /dev/shm
AFS                   8.6G     0  8.6G   0% /afs
[drivers@localhost drivers]$

I would like to put my home directory onto /dev/hda1.  any advice would be appreciated.

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user usermod -d /path/to/new/home username
or simply edit the /etc/passwd file to reflect the new path, then use mv to move the files
just copy the directory to /home2
cp /home /home2 -R

then unmount /home
unmount /home

check if /home still exist
if yes then  check if there is something in this directory
ls -al /home
if there is nothing in /home then remove /home
rm /home -Rf

if there are files then the unmount was not succesfully
try it again

edit the fstab but first backup this file
cp /etc/fstab /etc/

vi /etc/fstab

remove the line with /dev/hda3 or /home

then check if after reboot the /home is recreated
do this like :

mount -a
and check if /home exists
if yes post a reply

if not you can cp the /home2 directroy to /home
cp /home2 /home -R

and your finisched

if it works all oke an even after a reboot you can remove /home2
rm /home2 -Rf

there will always be a backup on /dev/hda3 if the unmount was oke

good luck


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mrorangeAuthor Commented:
I am at the stage of removing the lines you suggested from my fstab file.
This is what it contains...

LABEL=/                 /                              ext3    defaults        1 1
none                          /dev/pts                devpts  gid=5,mode=620  0 0
LABEL=/home      /home                     ext3    defaults        1 2
none                         /proc                       proc    defaults        0 0
none                        /dev/shm                tmpfs   defaults        0 0
/dev/hda2               swap                       swap    defaults        0 0
/dev/cdrom              /mnt/cdrom           udf,iso9660 noauto,user,owner,kudzu,ro 0 0
/dev/hde1               /mnt/camera           auto    noauto,owner,kudzu 0 0

Which line should i be editing, and out of curiosity how does this put the home directory onto the HDA1

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mrorangeAuthor Commented:
When i rebooted the line that I deleted in fstab was not recreated, i presume the mount -a mounts everything in the fstab file...


yes, mount -a does mount everything in /etc/fstab
mrorangeAuthor Commented:
Ok, so by following the suggestion from Rabit i have still not been able to change my Home directory..

So any other ideas how I mount the home directory on on my HDa1

sorry, i didn't read the whole thing, i just answered the question I saw at the end.

It's really painless

#copy the existing home
cp -a /home /home2

#unmount the old home
umount /home

#comment the following line out in /etc/fstab by putting a # in front of it
#/dev/hda3             387M  9.3M  357M   3% /home

#Now make the new home directory
mv /home2 /home

All set now...

sorry, pasted the wrong line, comment out this line from /etc/fstab

LABEL=/home      /home                     ext3    defaults        1 2

put a # in front of that, so

#LABEL=/home      /home                     ext3    defaults        1 2
thats what i told too

but what is the problem at the moment??

you don't have to mount any more we now made a directroy on the / (root partition) that is /dev/hda1

so everything should work now.

tell me more what the problem is

greetz mr_rabit

mrorangeAuthor Commented:
Thanks  guys, it all work great now... i guess  i just need a little clarification there...

Cheers again...


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