PCI Multimedia Audio Device

I had to reinstall Windows 98 on a Gateway PC (after formatting the hard drive).  I used a regular Windows 98 and not Gateway's.
It is a 400Mhz pc with 128 ram and I think I saw that it was a 66mhz vs. a 100 or 133?!?!

How in the world can I install a PCI Multimedia Audio Driver that should come from the Windows CD?
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
:0) First you need to find out what you have then get the drivers :0)

Find Out System Information


Belarc Advisor

SiSoft Sandra

WCPUID (CPU memory an motherboard info)

OR If you are getting messed about give this a try (Ive not used it though)

If you need drivers go to

Greetings, sherilewis!

Did video and sound drivers come with your computer?  Go to Gateway website, then support, then your computer model.  Gateway sould list the drivers for you operating system.

If you cannot find the drivers, then you need to install Gateway recovery disk to get back your video and sound.

Best wishes, war1

Hello Sheri,
      This is not an uncommon problem at all. whats happening is, the sound card you have is not recognized by windows because windows does not have the drivers on the CD. Windows 98 is pretty old compared to newer sound cards being released by gateway and other manufacturers.

the best way to go about retrieving the correct drivers, is to get them directly from gateway's software support website.
i took a peek and looks like you want to start here: http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/ddastep.asp

notice theres 4 steps:
             1 - Product type: choose "desktop" (unless its a notebook then choose notebook)
             2 - Product Model: coose "All desktop models"
             3 - Operating System: choose appropriate version of windows
             4 - Select File Type: choose "Sound Downloads"
  then click on "diplay results" which shows right below 4

now i was kinda upset when i got to this point because gateway decided to just show all the drivers for all their models... unfortunatley step 2 wouldnt let me choose any specific model.
so now we should be looking at all the drivers available from gateway, we just gotta figure out exactly which one you need.

to figure this out i would first look for the info that came with your computer... in specific we want something showing ALL the details of your computer... the amount of GB, the processor speed, the amount of RAM and hopefully the sound card brand.
IF you absolutely cannot find your exact brand or model of sound card, then we have 2 options...
1 - you can look in the phonebook for a "gateway" store (theres 1 in my town) or if none in your area call 800-369-1409
2 - you can download all the drivers and systematically deduce which one is the right one :(
           boring but if all else fails......

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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Or do what I do with Compaq PC's

Go to update driver, and put in the recovery CD, in some cases (ie theres an image on there and no files) it dont work but generally the drivers are on the recovery CD and WIndows will search for them, if your in doubt search the CD for .inf files

sherilewisAuthor Commented:
what if you don't have the recover CD??

This isn't mine but it's my boss'.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
OK Sorry in that case either go to driverguide (link above) or follow War1's advice and go to the gateway website

sheri did you find out what brand the sound card is?
sherilewisAuthor Commented:

I can't find the brand!!!  It's frustrating.  I told the person to bring their restore CD.

The sound card is integrated with the motherboard.

ok, exactly what model gateway is the computer.
Get on your hands and knees
look at the rear of the Gateway tower, there is a sticker
get the serial # off of the sticker
put the serial # in this site...

It will show you all the drivers for that machine.

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wow thats cool!
sheri, try that first

if it dosent work then just post the computer model here and i will try to figure it out.
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This may have been one I tried to split the points on, could not do it, emailed and asked how, and never got an answer.

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