IRQ's in Windows 2000

Hello everyone,

I have an Asus P2B-f board which was flashed a little while ago. I bought myself a PIII 800 because this board can accept this CPU because of the flash. I boot my PC and everything seems to be working fine then my PC freezes. It could be when I'm playing RTCW or AOM or just browsing the net. When troubleshooting I noticed that in DM under View resources by connection under IRQ that 5 devices are under IRQ 9. The sound card, display adaptor, nic, USB ports, and something else sharing this IRQ. I go into the BIOS and disable my com ports (I don't need them) to free up some IRQ's. I reboot adn see the BIOS screen and everything looks OK. I check the DM again and all 5 devices are STILL under IRQ 9. The 2 things which are frustrating is that ONE, when I go to the resources tab Windows won't allow me to change the IRQ settings because it is greyed out and no conflicts are reporting. The second thing that's is frustration is that IRQ's 5, 11 and 15 are free yet windows decides to use the same IRQ.

One last thing, when I boot into safe mode everything look beautiful all the devices have their own IRQ's. When I boot normally IRQ 9 is again shared.

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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
This is completely normal dont panic Windows 2000 on an ACPI compatible machine uses IRQ steering and wont let you alter the settings from the OS this is by design. dont panic

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
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americanpie3Author Commented:
I'm not paniced just not pleased. I was advised that one thing that is important is to leave the first PCI slot free because it could automatically share the same IRQ as the agp. Is this also true?
there is a trick to change the irq settings
but it has some downsides to it
ex. computer doesn't power off anymore
in device manager change "acpi computer" to "standard  pc" manually
then the computer will reboot and will reinstall al of you'r devices under different irq's
some might still share but most of then have there own private irq
it is a risky procedure do it only if you don't mind if it goes wrong
have fun
americanpie3Author Commented:
I won't mind if it stops my PC from freezing. How would I change that in DM?

Will I have the same problem if I format and reinstall XP Pro?
>>> Will I have the same problem if I format and reinstall XP Pro?

If that is a relatively easy option it would be worth a try as it would straighten out any possible problems with the system drivers.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>>Will I have the same problem if I format and reinstall XP Pro

As Crazyone pointed out in the link above, YES providing you change the Power settings before a reinstall (in the BIOS) but its a bit like using a sledge hammer to crack a nut :0) unless its a fresh install anyway and youre not too bothered

One simple question. Have you put the other CPU back in and tested? It may be the flash update. Just because the manufacturer says it works with the newer CPU doens't mean it will.
Just as a troubleshooting step, I would switch back, and see if it continues to have the same problem. It's also possible the new CPU is flaky.

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<<<is to leave the first PCI slot free because it could automatically share the same IRQ as the agp.>>>
It depends on your MoBo, but for most I've dealt with it's true, however you should check your manual and see wich IRQ is used by the AGP slot and wich PCI also use the same IRQ
Thanks for the grade and score. WHat was it, just out of curiousity?
americanpie3Author Commented:
The CPU is a piece of crap. Put the old one in and hasn't frozen on me since.
I had an 800 Piii and two 750's; THey died. I have some older AMD's that are still ticking. I dunno; I think Intel had an entire line of crap for a while.
Good luck!
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