Forcing Specific Version of a module to be used from different location.

Question Title: Forcing module version to be used
Author: sstouk
Points: 125
Date: 11/04/2003 12:49PM EST

The OS has a module with an older version. which is version 3.09 (HTML::Entity)
I downloaded version 3.16
The application I develop needs a version above 3.15, so the one I've got is OK
It is a web server where I do not have admin rights to put the updated into the Perl path and substitute the old one.
All the modules I need I usually install under the cgi-bin/ web folder and it works just fine, recognizing modules that are not present on the web server.
I need a way to tell my application to use not from the Perl default location, but from the cgi-bin/HTML/ location.
So that the command:
use HTML::Entity
would get the file from cgi-bin/HTML/Entity and not from c:\Perl\lib\..... etc

Any ideas?
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You can let perl first look in your cgi-bin directory, and only thereafter in the system dirs like this:

unshift (@INC, "cgi-bin/"); # Prepend a directory name
use HTML::Entity;

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for you, this would work (it's the same mechanism as the post by arjanh but that post probably won't work for you because the directory is not right):

use lib '.'; # cgi-bin won't work in your case I think
use HTML::Entity;
sstoukAuthor Commented:
Does this just adds or reverses the order of search or completely substitutes it?
I do not want to substitute, just to reverse.
I think that unshift (@INC, "cgi-bin/"); # Prepend a directory name
Is adding the initial path to search for, what about
use lib '.'; # cgi-bin won't work in your case I think
unshift (@INC, "."); # Prepend a directory name
Works perfectly so as the:
use lib '.'; # cgi-bin won't work in your case I think
Basically both of you answered the question correctly and without comment of inq123 suggestion posted by arjanh would really not work for me, I tried.
But I got an idea anyway.

I would like to split the points if possible I will see if I can try, if not, I have to assign point to whomever answered first.

thanks alot.


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sstoukAuthor Commented:
There was no option to split the points. Sorry inq123.
sstoukAuthor Commented:
Too bad I learned how to split points just now :(
In fact, if no option to split, then you should accept my comment because mine worked for you.  Grading guide suggests that you accept the first working solution.  As I pointed out already, although my solution is the same mechanism as previous one, mine should work for you but his won't.

But well, it's OK.
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