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How do I go about setting up viewing CR 8.5 in a VB6 application?  These reports will already be designed.  I want them to refresh and viewed and/or printed from my application.

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If CR is installed, open a VB ptoject, click on Project -> Add Crystal Reports 8.5, design your report.  You have to join the source of the data with the designer (access database, sql, etc.)  For more infos go to:
Which editioin of Crystal 8.5 do you have?  You need the developer edition to call reports from VB.

Here is a sample

well if you want to be able to show or print a report from vb6, yes you do need the developer edition...
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sjmmajorAuthor Commented:
I am on a different computer right now but I have CR 8.5.  I don't know if it is developer edition or not.  I did develop a report.  What is the difference between the types?  I will develop the reports independant of VB6.  I just want to be able to display the reports and print them if needed.  Also is there a way to see the listing of reports available in the folder?  That way when a report is added then the VB6 app. there won't have to be any changes to the actual app.  They will just see the listing and select and preview or print?

I have increased the points.  This is the last part of the app that I have worked on for a year.  I want to get this completed.

Unfortunately you will need the Developer edition or the Advance edition of Crystal Reports V8.5.  Located in the Developer Edition is a help file that lists, along with documentation, which files need to be used and how to use them.  Everything that you are asking is provided in the Developer CR.
>>I am on a different computer right now but I have CR 8.5.  I don't know if it is developer edition or not.  
To find out which you have.
1.  Look at the box or the CDs
2. Open Crystal.  Click HELP --> ABOUT ME

What is the difference between the types?  
The developer edition includes the dls required for deploying VB-Crystal applications on machines that don't have Crystal installed.  It also includes a license that allows you to distribute the Crystal dlls.  See this link for more detailed comparison.

You can develop reports in any edition of Crystal.  You only need the developer edition on the machine with VB.

>>Also is there a way to see the listing of reports available in the folder?  
If you maintain a list in a database or file that VB can use to populate a combo box, yes you can do that.  I have 1 subroutine that does all my report displying including passing formulas, parameters, filters, etc.  The report name is passed and then the appropriate file is opened.

sjmmajorAuthor Commented:
I have standard edition.  So I want to be sure.  I have to have developers edition in order for VB6 to utilize the reports and distribute even though no one else will be created reports?  Standard won't help me at all?
Standard edition is just for report creation and use.  Developer edition has the "RDC" (Report Designer Component) software and help files that Visual Basic needs in order to recognize and access a Crystal Report file.  There are some viewers out on the Internet that you can talk to the developer about, to see if you can utilize them in your software.

The best thing to do is just get an upgrade from CR 8.5 Standard to the CR 8.5 Developer.  I carry CR 8.5 Developer and CR 9.0 Advanced on my machine.  I had CR 8.5 Professional but I looked everywhere on how to build a distribution of a viewer for Crystal Reports.  I ended up developing my own for both CR 8.5 and 9.0.  That is why you have to read the fine print on some programs like Crystal Reports.

I hope this helps you a little bit.  I know it is not what you are looking for but we can't help you anymore because you only have Standard Edition.

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sjmmajorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everyone's help.  I see the picture a lot clearer now.  I will get the developers edition.

Glad I could help

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