2 XP pro based computers with ICS doesn't have "My Network Places" recognization.

This is the second time i'm giving this quesation , That's cause of it havn't realy fixed.

Clues :

There is an Internet connection sharing active and works superb , Ping , Games , everthing working but "My Network Places"!.

1 adapter is IBM etherjet and the other one is 3com's adapter.

Almost all services are working , Please right down if you some info bout services that should be enabled/disabled.

Motherboard - Asus P4P800 deluxe , Proccesor - Intel P4 proccesor.

SP1 for XP Pro in both computers

Please help me to get rid of this problem , The bounty is high and the time is short.

Thanks in advance.
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This sounds like the same problem I have been having for ages also!! see -
I gave up in the end!! I have now bought a router and the problem is solved, I would love to know why it didn't work but no one seemed to know for sure.  I found that I could use either ICS or File+Printer sharing but not both together. Also to switch between the 2 I had to keep using IPCONFIG to renew the NIC's IP address, crazy.

Have you checked into the firewalling features of WinXP to see if that is blocking the connection between your PC's?
Do you have any file and print sharing enabled?  If not, that could be your issue.  ICS and file and print sharing are 2 different functions.  One allows you to use a computer's internet connection, the other allows you to share files and printers between 2 (or more) different PC's.
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Re: Malc2003's link - I'm wondering about the USB part.  It could be that somehow Windows interpreted the USB modem as a NIC and screwed up the provider order and binding order.  The only other explanation would be that Windows now automatically disables file/print sharing when ICS is in use, as a security measure.  If so, they shouldn't do that - it would be adding yet another PITA on top of all the other ones...
ShadowRackAuthor Commented:
1. Thank you for the prompt replys

2. No , I'ts not working either if the firewall is on/off , Altough zonealarm is crazy sometimes.

3. Yes , File and printer sharing is enabled in both computers.
Does My Network places work OK if you disable ICS? You will probably have to renew the NIC IP address or reboot to check.  If it does work with ICS Disabled then this surely points to the same type of conflict as I had.  What type of Internet connection are you using and which ISP?

try disabling simple file sharing
XP home or Pro
NetBios over tcp enabled?
using dhcp from the router?
How are the two systems connected?
Via a hub? How is the ICS machine connected to the internet?
ShadowRackAuthor Commented:
1. Nope it's not working even if disabling ICS.

2.Internet connection is adsl by outer alcatel modem , why do u have to know the isp?

3.Disabling File and printer sharing not fixing it..

4.XP Pro , Enabling netbios over tcp is done , Still didn't help , connection between two NICs are by network cable the 3'rd Nic in the internet computer is connected with network cable to the adsl modem.

Hint : In "My network places" i don't always see even my own computer , It's kinda random..

I think you need to disable ICS, then do IPCONFIG /ALL on both machines and post the results.  You could try mapping a network drive using the IP address of one of the comps.  IE -
net use X: \\IPADDRESS\C$ and see if it will map the hosts C: drive. post the IPCONFIG results first anyhow.
ShadowRackAuthor Commented:
I will do so soon.

Do you know all the services needed/no needed , List of them it will be great.

try this and you problems should be resolved.
tcp/ip is a very poor carrier of NETBIOS - NETBIOS is how windows communicates with each other and is necessary for them to show in "my network places"

go into network properties and add the IPX/SPX protocol... i believe it literally says "NWLink IPX/SPX compatible protocol"

once added simply restart both computers and take another look :)
Well, I don't need to know how your connected to ISP, just the access device, which you stated. You are running a cable directly between the two machines?
You want to have file & printer sharing enabled.

Have you tried mapping a drive letter to each computer's shared folder?
For what services to disable/enable, go here:  http://www.blackviper.com/WinXP/servicecfg.htm
ShadowRackAuthor Commented:
OMG!!! , I mistakenly gave Casta1 the points instead of Viroy!!! , It was the IPX who helped the netwrok work well with or without ICS...

I probebly rushed to give the accepted answer and didn't notice i weren't giving it yo Viroy... , That bad but it's not only my fault cause the site art built is confusing :(

Well , If there is a way to help this out just post here comment and ill do what it needs..

Again , Sorry.
I asked them to refund the points and score.

thanx, glad to hear your fixed :)
i appreciate you guys going through the trouble... :)
ShadowRack - don't I get anything for providing the answer to the 2nd half of your question?
Well, depends on what you wanted. 8-)
NWLink solved, whaich is what he was after. I beat my head against the wall trying to make it work the way it should, but that's just the IT in me.
At least ShadowRack got what he asked for; A solution.
I'm sorry but the IPX solution doesn't help with this part of the question.
"Almost all services are working , Please right down if you some info bout services that should be enabled/disabled.:
ShadowRackAuthor Commented:
ShineOn is right , It wasn't the IPX after all , Coz i deleted it and it's still works :)

Unfortunatlly i did too many thing so i don't remember what helped..

I guess the best thing to do would be to look at the whole question thread again, and grant points as you feel appropriate.  Splitting points among several Experts that helped you get to your goal is acceptable.

BTW, I didn't say it wasn't the IPX, just that you had a 2-part question, one part of which I definitively answered with my link to blackviper's site.

What worked initially may well have been using NetBIOS over IPX, because as was stated by ViRoy, IP *IS* a poor carrier of NetBIOS, because you have to make sure your network is set up *just right* for it to work all the time, whereas running NetBIOS over IPX works EVERY time, in my experience.
ShadowRackAuthor Commented:
The Black viper's site is a well known 1 that i've already browsed long time ago , It didn't help me tough to answer my question it's only for specific tweaking.

I've tried the netbios over TCP/IP and it didn't work , i dunno how things worked out , But it seems after deleting everything and installing again the components and configuration it worked...  altough i've already done it before posting this thread and it didn't work back then..

Specific tweaking to fix this problem?  That's not likely a fix, in any case.  You were asking about what services to enable/disable.  If blackviper's services docs didn't help you in any way, I would be surprised.  Following the various recommendations and taking into account the prerequisited enumerated on his site will give you a faster, more efficient, and less vulnerable system.
I think your "answer" had to do with a combination of NetBIOS transmission, routing and name resolution, along with file & porint sharing.

From what I've seen on this subject, in order to "see" anything in "my network places" under "computers near me" you need a combination of being in the same workgroup, file&print sharing turned on on the computer you hope to see, and a transport method for NetBIOS info that can be readily "seen" by the other computer(s).

That can be done in a "flat" network by enabling NetBEUI, or in a routed network by enabling NetBIOS over IP or NetBIOS over IPX.  Because IPX is broadcast-oriented (that's why it's known as "chatty") you don't have to have a method for the other computer(s) to "discover" computers that have file and print sharing on in your workgroup if you are using NetBIOS over IPX.  If you are using NetBIOS over IP, however, you also have to be in the same IP subnet and be able to resolve the computer name via IP, either through the HOSTS/LMHOSTS files or through DNS.

By "playing around" with the various suggestions here, you apparently stumbled upon the combination that works for you.
Should be "...same IP subnet AND/OR be able to resolve the computer name via IP..._
ShadowRackAuthor Commented:
Dude , I think ur wrong , In my friends house no actions has been made else but the Network wizard , Nothing.

Everything from ICS to My network places is working great...

Well he got USB cable modem but it doesn't change a thing either..

So i don't think somth minor like the netbios over TCP/IP.. it just worked.. , It will go wrong again like it was happening in the past.. , There is no solid fix to this problem i guess..
That's one of the nifty things about IT.  Things don't "just work."  There's always an explanation.

The challenge sometimes is to figure out that explanation.

Something that you did as part of this troubleshooting effort was a "solid fix."  You just have a hard time identifying it.
What happens at your friend's house has nothing to do with what happens at your house, no matter how similar you might hope to make them.  IT and all IT functionality is based on logic, pure and simple.  Sometimes it seems like magic.  Sometimes it seems illogical.  Sometimes it seems like there's no way to tell what is wrong and if you get it working, what you did to fix it.

The plain and simple truth is, there is an explanation for everything in IT.  Even if it's random gamma rays swapping a bit on you in your RAM or CPU.  There's an explanation for EVERYTHING.

There are no "true mysteries" in IT, dude.  Just unaccounted-for cause-and-effect.
Agree with ShineOn, things don't just happen. However this gives me a clue
"I've tried the netbios over TCP/IP and it didn't work , i dunno how things worked out , But it seems after deleting everything and installing again the components and configuration it worked"
Things do get corrupted, because of poser surges, bad shut downs, disk errors, etc
often times removal and reinstall fixes it

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Agree with stevenlewis.  Often a reinstall or reconfigure or hard boot or power reset is the "fix" just because something, somewhere, got corrupted.  If you aren't really paying attention, or are trying several "fixes" at the same time, it is difficult to determine what "fixed" the problem. It may not be a corrupt file, just corrupted memory addresses - the old "slipped a bit" issue.  Regardless, some action you took resolved the issue causing your problem.  If you weren't assiduously tracking the result of each and every thing you tried, then it might seem to you that "it just works."  Something was causing your problem, and something you did resolved the problem.  K???
ShadowRackAuthor Commented:
Dude , I'm sorry but no.
OK, it was magic LOL
That must be why they call us wizards - hehe.
When users call me with a problem and I walk over to their workstation, the problem magically disappears, just because I was standing there.  I tell them it's my "magnetic" personality...  hehe
ShadowRackAuthor Commented:
Dude , I've been working as technitian for 2 years , Maybe not at XP troubleshooting but anyway i've learned one thing... , Stable and Consistant does not much with Microsoft therfore you can translate the "end" to the prob as "it magically workes" or somth... , I'm not writing alot cause this subject is already making me sick for almost a year and i don't have power to reapeat everything everytime.. , I'm listening to all the advices to try to combine as you said the solve to the problem... , But everytime it gets along it's nothing i've been given by the opions here... at least when it's totaly fine for a period..

ShadowRackAuthor Commented:
To tell the truth most of the stuff here was funny to read as it's my second thread for this problem in this forum , so i tought ill give all the points to Malc2003 who was the the most correct one but.. since it's only less than half correct ill split up the points for everyone who helped..
If I'm still alive, and this site is still here, and any of us remember this, I think after another 20 or so years as a technician you'll be in the chorus along with me and stevenlewis...

Yes, Microsoft products are both a consultant's dream and nightmare rolled into one.  However seemingly illogically constructed, they all still must follow the rules of logic, as must all the hardware components.  I know it sounds weird but sometimes the only way to fix a problem is ignore it, while sometimes the only way to fix what seems. logically, to be simple is to blow it all away and start fresh.
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