HTTP/1.1 New Application Failed

Sometimes my site is unavailable. Or some users see the site and others not.
The error the internet explorer displays is: HTTP/1.1 New Application Failed.
What may cause this problem?
I can tell you all info you want so, to help me solve this serious problem.

Thanks in advance
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indy1975Author Commented:
Of course i checked it.

But i host my site in host company.
What i can do myself?
I told them about the error and tey told me that they are sure the problem is in an asp page that maybe is not well-written.
And this 'bad' page may hang all the site.
On the other hand they told me that because i use access, it is better move my site to a single server, not double as it is hosted untill now.
The host company is excellent, untill now i have not a reason to blame them. I pay a lot for this hosting and has good reputation in my country with lot of heavy sites hosted there.

Is it true that a single page, can hang the site?
Suddenly, after hours for the site beeing offline, the site worked again. It was night, and i am sure (they told this to  me too) that nobody has done something to their iis.

So, where is the problem and how i can avoid it happen again?
indy1975Author Commented:
Any help?
Fundamentals of JavaScript

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This error is usually caused by a bad global.asa file. If you see this error on your site, please look at your global.asa file.

If your global.asa file contains no code, delete it. If it has code, please go here:, and follow the instructions for properly using a global.asa file.

If the site uses a database ensure each and every connection is closed properly, under load calls to the database page can result in this error being generated and the site stops working. Ensure that you open and close the database connection as quickly as possible and preferably before rendering any HTML elements. Also, check that page redirects are made after the database has been closed.

VB Example:

Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Conn.Open myDSN
Set RS = Conn.Execute("Select * from myTable")
Set RS = Nothing
Set Conn = Nothing
If ..... then
End if
As far as it concerns global.asa, i don't use it in my site, eventhough it would be very useful to me (some things just is difficult to do without this file).

I 've already changed my code in asp pages, so that the large blocks of asp code, will be included in the page eith an 'include' asp file. I think this keeps things tidy, isn't it?

I 've also move the remaining standalone lines of asp code, close to each other, so that from the opening of the database to the close of it, will be very few html code.

Is that approach right? What's your opinion?

Thanks in advance

Using include asp-files is indeed a good way to program. You can compare these includes with libraries of functionality that you attach to your main asp-file. And the big advantage by creating 'include' asp-files, is that you can re-use code!!

Indeed, first write your ASP-code, then your HTML-code. By doing this, your ASP-file is nice structured, and you think twice before coding a lot HTML between your ASP-code.

What you can do to shorten the DB-connection period, and writing the HTML-code with the DB-content without a connection to the DB, is using the GetRows functionality of ADO. Read more about it:

It copies all the records to an array. So, you can close the recordset after copying them into the array, and your array is VERY FAST, because all is in memory!
indy1975Author Commented:
Oh, your advice is very useful!
But unfortunately, I have not programming experience, with the strict meaning. So i  am somehow tied to the code architecture that dreamweaver mx 2004 provides. I am an experienced user, i hve lots of specific knowledge in different aspects (graphics, layout, web etc), i understand the code, but still i am not powerfull enough to write the code all by myself. But, although this is my status, i can assure you that my projects stand up well. I wish i had the programming knowledge to apply this array-recordset.

What i've done now, after your advice, is actually 'export' to an external asp include file, the big blocks of asp code(200 lines). The main page is also asp file, but almost 90% of it's content now consists of html code. But i still have in this main page few  asp lines, like the recordsets and i 've also left there the 3-4 asp lines of the closing of each of three used recordsets.  Do i have to make separate files even for these lines?

Do you believe now i 've minimized the risk of seeing again the 'http 1.1 application failed'?

The most important thing of seperating HTML and ASP is to create a better overview of your program (pages). Automatically, you will write better code ...

These few lines of ASP are absolutely no problem. The most important thing is that, when you open a connection and/or a recordset, you also close it ... The time the connection and recordset are open, try it to minimize, ... Try to keep this in mind, and you programs/pages will better perform, and the risk of unwanted errors or hanging pages/sites will be minimized.
indy1975Author Commented:
Thanks once again for your useful advice.
Now i feel safer about this message that really scared me, and made all my work be offline.
The only thing seems to be in order to be done from me, is upgrade the database from access to mysql.

To tell the truth I tried recently to upgrade my site to mysql, only to find (after lots of efforts) that mysql for windows is not completely compatible with mysql for linux, in the same edition! I was shocked! I use windows server, i have setup iis.  I don't have the time learn linux. My host company, eventhough has iis and mysql server for windows, at backend the mysql database was running in linux. And then, unfortunately, lot of incompatibilities has stopped me from upgrading to mysql. My host company, which is almost the best in my country, does not support microsoft sql. So...mdb access again. I 'm not gonna debug mysql. They should have full compatiblilty to mysql server for linux version 3.5.23 with the mysql server for windows version 3.5.23! It's bad one line of code to run on windows but not in linux. Sadly.

Any comments on this?
I have no experience with MySQL, but it is indeed trouble with compatibility between Windows, Linux, Unix, ...
Thank you wsteegmans

I think no additional input is required ... so could you please close this question?


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indy1975Author Commented:
Of course wsteegmans

Thank you very much again!
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