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I've got an application I'm writing in visual studio for web-management purposes. The application is part of a larger application we have created with seperate sections for each of the day-to-day operations here at my company. The particular section I'm working on is for image additions, deletions, and replacement on our database driven website. Everything works fine other than the function to upload images to the FTP server. I have very limited knowledge on FTP and I don't need all the functionality of an FTP client. I simply want to be able to upload one image at a time to the server. I don't have a whole lot of points to offer, so I offered what I could afford. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Add a component named Microsoft Internet Transfer Control to your form,

  Inet1.RemoteHost = "ftp://www.duck.org"
  Inet1.URL = "ftp://www.duck.org/
  Inet1.UserName = "LoginName"
  Inet1.Password = "password"
  Inet1.Protocol = icFTP
  Inet1.Execute "ftp://www.duck.org/">ftp://www.duck.org/", _
    "PUT C:\TestFile.txt TestFile.txt"

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JimHERBEAUAuthor Commented:
Whats the actual component file name (I.E. msitp.dll)? I can't find one that has the description name you gave.
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Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Do a right click on toolbox and choose add...
Locate Microsoft Internet Transfer control
JimHERBEAUAuthor Commented:
I'm using Visual Studio 2002 with VB.net and couldn't find that control anywhere, nor anyone who claims it's in any version of VB past VB 6.0
Thanks for the help though.
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
At least, all solutions posted here were for VB6 not .net!!!!
There is a .Net TA here, at EE, look at it.
JimHERBEAUAuthor Commented:
I got it working playing around with some of the other components in VS

  Private mNetStream As NetworkStream
    Private mBytes() As Byte

    Public Function FtpCommand(ByVal strCommand As String) As String
        If mConnected Then
                Erase mBytes
                RaiseEvent ServerCalled(strCommand & vbCrLf)
                mBytes = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(strCommand & vbCrLf)
                mNetStream.Write(mBytes, 0, mBytes.Length)
                FtpCommand = GetResponse()
            Catch err As Exception
                RaiseEvent ErrorOccured(EC.FTPCommandFailed, err.ToString())
            End Try
        End If
    End Function

    Private Function OtherPortPut(ByVal intDataPort As Int32, ByVal strFN As String, Optional ByVal BytesWillRec As Int64 = 0) As MemoryStream
        Dim strTemp As String
        Dim i As Int64
        Dim priSM As New MemoryStream()
        Dim priSM1 As FileStream
        Dim intTmp As Integer

        If BytesWillRec >= 0 Then
                ReDim mBytes(FileLen(strFN))

                priSM1 = File.OpenRead(strFN)
                intBytesRec = priSM1.Read(mBytes, 0, FileLen(strFN))
                priSM.Write(mBytes, 0, mBytes.Length - 1)

                OtherPortPut = priSM
            Catch err As Exception
                RaiseEvent ErrorOccured(EC.UploadFailed, err.ToString())
            End Try
            RaiseEvent ErrorOccured(EC.InvalidFileLength, "Invalid declared file length!")
        End If
    End Function

  Public Function FtpPutFile(ByVal strFile As String, ByVal strDest As String, ByVal intSize As Long) As MemoryStream
        Dim priSM As New MemoryStream()
        Dim strTemp As String
        Dim i, j As Int16
        Dim intPort As Int32

        If mConnected Then
                strTemp = FtpCommand("TYPE I")
                intPort = cmdPasv2Port()
                strTemp = FtpCommand("STOR " & strDest)
                i = mFTPResponse.LastIndexOf(")", mFTPResponse.Length - 1)
                j = mFTPResponse.LastIndexOf("(", i)
                i = mFTPResponse.IndexOf(" ", j)
                strTemp = mFTPResponse.Substring(j + 1, i - j - 1)

                priSM = OtherPortPut(intPort, strFile, intSize)
                FtpPutFile = priSM

                strTemp = GetResponse()
                If strTemp.Substring(0, 4) <> "226 " Then
                    RaiseEvent ErrorOccured(EC.DownUpLoadFailure, "Transfer failure!")
                End If
            Catch err As Exception
                RaiseEvent ErrorOccured(EC.FTPPutFileFailed, err.ToString())
            End Try
        End If
    End Function
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