Installing new CPU fan

Now, I'm no newbie to computers... I've put together my last few, but I want to put a new fan on the CPU. The one I have now is overheating, and here's the one I want to get:

Two things:
1) Is that a good fan to get, and will it definitely keep my cpu cool? (AMD Athlon 2400+)
2) I don't mind installing things, but I don't like screwing with the CPU, that's not a cheap part to have to buy again.  Are there any precautions, other then grounding myself (obviously), that I should definitely take when switching the fan out? Anything I should watch out for?

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I believe that that is an excellent cooler.  I have a thremaltake Volcano 9 and it runs very good temps.

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JezuitAuthor Commented:
Hrm.... Perhaps it's not a CPU heating problem at all. The Asus PC Probe says I'm running at 51 degrees celsius, and 123 degrees farenheit, is that ok?  I don't know how high it gets while gaming, and that's about the only time my computer ever crashes...
That is a fine tempeture.  If you want lower you might consider adding more case fans or the cooler that you listed above.  Is that temp over clocking?  If it is not I would consider get the one listed above.  There is no harm with your cpu running at 51.  Here look at this post that i asked a question on.

of course he listed a system that is intel.  I have an Athon and before i overclocked and changed coolers from the stock I had temps between 45-55.  AMD stystems tend to run hotter than intel but are made to with stand higher temps.
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hope this helps.  In my opinion after seeing a huge differnce in tempetures from my AMD cooler to the one I have now would tell you to get that cooler.  Just an opinion though.  I am by no means an expert.
JezuitAuthor Commented:
Well here's what's happening:

I'm running the Asus PC Probe, and for some reason, when I'm doing anything CPU-intense, it starts beeping, and I know why... The way the probe works, is it lists my 12V fan, 5V fan, 3V fan, and VCore.... for some reason, when I start using my CPU a lot, my 12V shoots off the scale, and starts going really high... what's causing that to happen? That doesn't seem to be normal to me..
I take it that you have an Asus board?  Some pc monitering software does not opperate correctly with certian boards.  For example I have a soyo board and MBM5 will not show me the correct volts.  However I don't know why it would happen if you are using a monitering software from the maker of your MB.  But I would guess that nothing is wrong with it b/c power supplys have regulators on them that would I believe that would shut the system off if two much power was going through the machine.
JezuitAuthor Commented:
Hrm.... I appreciate you answering, and yeah, I have an Asus A7N266-VM, soon to be an Asus A7N8X.  I suppose it must be something else, I just wish I could figure out why my computer keeps shutting off.
well as i said before your P/S as regulators, 75 % sure, that would make your system shut off.  Could be your P/S is bad.  
JezuitAuthor Commented:
I'll look into that... thanks.
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