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kawehAuthor Commented:
sorry, inq123, I only have 185 points left. So I can not give you 250 points,  I'd like to if I have more points. You did great job.
Hi kaweh,

Thanks for the points.  I'm fine if you close this question without rewarding points (don't want to take away your last points!).  You can do so in community support area.

Alternatively, you can award me points.  When you need to ask the next question post it in here, I'll ask it for you and award points on your behalf.


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Just be a little bit wary about doing something that violates the rules against "point passing" or abusing the points system.

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I didn't see clearly what's not allowed in our case, since "point passing" was not defined as "one user cannot ask question for another user", and in our case I'm not asking question for kaweh in exchange for his points.  He intends to award extra points to me and I have confidence in EE mods to evaluate the situation and consider it appropriate.  And I also think EE mods won't interfere if I ask a question for another user (unless you can point out an existing explicit rule against that).  Otherwise, if I get a warning for doing that for kaweh, that's fine.  If I get a suspension for doing that, big loss!  I really wonder EE loses more or I loses more.  I don't think EE misses my contribution much at all, but then again I know I'd save a lot of time if I didn't visit EE to contribute and help clean up, and at the same time I won't lose anything at all (and my wife'd be happier since she asked me to play with the kid more instead of posting online for people unknown to me :-) ).  

EE to me is a system that helps me pass time, and while EE's guides and Mods continously said "it's all about the points" I beg to differ (and I very much detest that attitude since it takes away goodwill on experts' part for other users) --- what good are the points for anyway? It's gonna help me find another job if I lose current one? I think not!  It's gonna bring me money? Definitely not!  It's gonna give me points to ask questions? Yeah, but I asked 2 questions in total since I joined in Feb., one of which I would've worked it out myself without a doubt had I had no points to ask.  Besides, I had plenty of points accumulated already before I became a so-called expert.  And it's very clear why EE trumpets the importance of these points -- to get "experts" continue to contribute to get EE afloat.  I remember seeing one top EE experts complaining that he doesn't visit EE much any more because EE can't see who's carrying EE afloat (or something like that phrased slightly differently).  Frankly, if EE really get itself confused, only loss would be to EE itself as there're plenty of forums where users can contribute to help others.

So basically I think unless EE already has an explicit rule against me asking question for another user, then I won't do that.  Otherwise if EE can't judge the situation right and invents another rule or stretches an existing rule just to interfere, I won't be deterred by it.

But I appreciate your trying to help, jmcg!  Let me know if there's already explicit rule covering it 'cause I can't find anything in the Q/A you pointed me to.  BTW, without a polling system allowed, just out of curiosity, what's your motive to come and help people on EE?  For points?  I doubt that.
We're getting off topic, which will also be frowned upon by the mods, but I think these issues should be aired occasionally.

The point system is connected to one of EE's revenue streams. People who pay, either with money or by contributing answers, i.e. Premium subscribers and qualified experts, can ask questions without feeling constrained by their available points. Others are limited to their daily 5-point dole and that's intended to feel like enough of a constraint that some users have incentive to sign up for Premium. I'd expect EE to be sensitive to the potential abuse of someone with no point constraints asking questions on behalf of someone who is constrained.
I c your point, jmcg.  That's a valid point.  Thanks for reminding me!
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