Increase link POPULARITY website

does anyone know how to increase  a link popularity forwebsite
please someone help me and also
which software is good, or even better dont use sofware
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kidznetworks -

There are no shortcuts it is hard work and don't use software. Topic related links (i.e. relevant) are the best, avoid link farms, guest books and all artificial linking etc.

Submit your site to every respectable online directory that offers a category for your topic. Do this with all directories that are deeply indexed by Google so the links will be recognized and start with the most important

Look for sites whose visitors might want to see your site and politely contact the webmasters to see if they are interested in putting up a link to you or exchanging links.

Look to see who is linking to your competitors and politely contact the webmasters to see if they are interested in putting up a link to you or exchanging links.

It's a process and it takes time and effort if you are in it for the long term.

- duz

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kidznetworks -

I forgot to ask - what sector is the site in?

- duz
Check this thread .. There are a whole slew of links I have put in here

Exploring ASP.NET Core: Fundamentals

Learn to build web apps and services, IoT apps, and mobile backends by covering the fundamentals of ASP.NET Core and  exploring the core foundations for app libraries.

Sunray -

I don't know why you give these links - some contain useful information and others contain absolute rubbish - how is the questioner supposed to tell the difference?

- duz

good meta tags and good relevant keywords
good content so people come back
clean userfriendly navigation

stay far away from those "let us promote your website" spammers. They spam you to bulletinborads, forums and searchengines and the moment the searchengine owners discower what they are doing you get banned, all the way down to the bottom of the lists.

regards JakobA

Well all the links were found to be useful and everything tells how to improve the site popularity

Sunray -

This question was not about 'site popularity' it was about 'link popularity' or linkpop as it known. And sending them to sites that contain misinformation about meta tags for example, is not very helpful imo.

There is some incorrect and out of date information on the sites in your list. If you are going to answer any SEO question with just a string of URLs at least make sure they are on-topic, up to date and accurate.

- duz


To increase your linkpop you will need to gather incoming links. I agree with duz, there is not an easy way out of link building. You will have to look and ask, look and ask. Also add fresh content to your site regularly. Each page on your site will also boost your linkpop.

Here some more tips and places to look other than dmoz:

Directories: (if a commercial site, cost $300)

Actually here, this will be easier. The link below lists the mor eimportant general directories you can submit into:

Finding link partner:

Search for common things like "Add" "Links" "Submit" "Exchange" and add your industry to the search. For example, if you are a widget store, search Google for "widget links".

On the same note, while searching, also search for industry with the word directory (i.e. widget directory). This pulls up some great niche directories that will increase linkpop and can provide a fair amount of targetted traffic.

Go to the Google Directory and view like sites. The directory lists sites in order of PR so it is a great place to find quality link exchanges.

Hope this helps.
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