Uninstall word 2000 without cd

I have a client running ME who cant print properly from word 2k. It prints 2 pages of gibberish and may or may not print the document after this. Printing works fine from every other program. Ive been through the ms docs and tried everything  apart from a reinstall/repair as the client bought the pc secondhand and has no office cdrom. I  can use another copy of office 2k but im fairly sure  that office asks for the cdrom . Will another cdrom do or does it have to be the original?
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>>>Will another cdrom do or does it have to be the original?

Give it a try I don't think it matters what CD is used but I never tried it.
One thing thoug you aren't allowe according to the licensing agreement to use it to install from it.
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>>  can use another copy of office 2k

I think he can install from this copy

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Sounds like the client is also short of an Office Licence!
Watch out with the install CDs especially the Premium & Professional varieties which are not compatible check in Add/Remove software dialogue for the version installed.
>>>I think he can install from this copy

What I meant sunray is doing full install. The license that owensleftfoot has most likely disallows intalling what owensleftfoot has on another computer other then the one owensleftfoot has it installed on.
owensleftfootAuthor Commented:
Surely when he bought  the pc he also inherited the software licences that went with it? Its not like Im giving him a copy without paying for it. Im only going to use my copy to repair his copy which obviously had a licence when it was installed by the previous owner.
>>>Im only going to use my copy to repair his copy

Yeah I knew that was your intent so give it a try. The licensing shouldn't matter for doing this.
You could also reinstall the service packs first
I am not objecting to your help to your customer, but.....:

During my time as CTO, I have several times sold on old computers from the company. The normal procedure (to me) was to wipe the disk and sell it with a raw OS, because I always bought new OS with my new pc's.  But not the applications, - as for Office, I could not sell on the Office and still claim the right to just buy a version update, - see?

So it depends on what the source of the pc is.

I know it is impossible to demand documentation from each and every customer who lacks a disk, but the customer must be asked and informed, in order for you to keep your back free. It may not even be the customers fault, - I've seen companies too lazy to do the wipe/insall in similar situations to the one I describe above. The customer gets a pc with a lot of stuff on, - only never gets any license documentation with it.

I can proberbly guess that it is a non legal version of word 2000, but that not the question right now.

Any copy of the CD will work when it comes to repair the word installation. however my guess is that it is the print driver. even though everything else is working word has proberbly not accepted the drivers. reinstall the drivers on the local machine. (is the printer a network printer?)

If this fails then use try to repair DONT reinstall unless the user can provide a license number. Diont use your license number even if the person is a friend because if anything happens it'll be you that takes the fall as it was you that installed it.
If you haven't already you might try downloading a trial version of an uninstall utility such as Uninstaller; then use that to remove Office 2000 (assuming the Eraser2K app doesn't work for you).
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