I need Intrusion Detection/Prevention NOW!

Someone has been inside our company net and I need to know who. I am sure he has stolen files and its not enough to stop him I need him stopped and I need his IP information so if needed I can use this. I know there are good products out there, price should be resonable, and I need a good user interface where someone like me can understand it.


PS the sooner the better I need this now.
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I have used Demarc's PureSecure for quite some time and it has proven effective time and time again.
It runs on snort technology, has database logging, and has a great management console.


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XciferAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the fast replies!

I just went to Demarc and I saw that they had a new product called Sentarus. From what I read it is a hardware solution with both IDS and IPS and it seems PureSecure does not have IPS. The demos looked really good and it seems like exactly what I need. So do you know anything more about the Sentarus that I cannot get from the page?
Sorry, that is news to me. I just went to the site myself. It looks very impressive seems similar PureSecure but with all the newest features.
You can also check out some free tools that are available as well. Foundstone has plenty of these to play with as well as a pretty good website for security and threat documentation.

XciferAuthor Commented:
Thanks All
Im contacted Demarc and Sentarus is just perfect for my needs.
I will give joele23 the points for sending me in the right direction to Demarc.
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