Audio Files; Mp3 vs WMA

Not really a vs question, Id love to spend a few hours experimenting but I dont have the time, I want to know what the equivelent of 192kbps mp3 is in WMA?
(I am transforming a 39,000 vynil collection into a gargantuan digital file collection for a neighbour and I fear that my current setting of 192kbps mp3 is very rapidly going to outstrip the few remaining hard drives I have set aside for this project....).

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will this help

Not what you asked, but I'll provide this information for the sake of the database.

The best format is "OGG". The same quality as MP3 and WMA, but a much smaller file size. Oddly enough, it's free.

You can use a freeware line in recorder like audacity.

Sorry, audacity will save the recorded file into OGG
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i agree with CharlesBukowski ... OGG is absolutely the best alternative in this case ...

irq506Author Commented:
Maybe so, but I have to make them in either of those two formats (wma or mp3), as I think he got a portable jukebox device....
in that case ... for the best quality MP3 encoding ... check out this link:

irq506Author Commented:
Is every one united that WMA is not woth touching?
I dont use it myself as I have everything coded as 192-256kbps mp3 or 96kbps mp3-pro (which is nice but I do actually notice a moderate lack of deffinition and middle area sound.
As said in my orig post I have a large task, and I found out that he (my neighbour) bought a Creative Zen NX Xtra (I think Ill buy one of thesee myself actually), and something I cant remember the name of for his home hifi setup. The NX uses .wav, .mp3 and .wma, and my understanding is that wma is the smallest physical file size of these particular coding methods.
None of the links have answered my basic question regarding the closest match in sound quality to that of mp3 @ 192 (which I deem a good enough quality to be played over studio monitors or reasonably high grade studio Headphones -256 is slightly better but not really noticable, and eats up the HDD space real fast), so basically I want to finish this batch and be able to move over to wma at whatever kbps will equal the same or slightly better mp3 @192kbps.
see if you get anything from this ...

the best i've found says that WMA is superior to MP3 at low bitrates, but at higher bitrates (128k and higher) the gap lessens, and they become nearly the same ... so in short, if you are using 128 or higher MP3, you will be fine with the same encoding from WMA 9


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irq506Author Commented:
Ok well thaks for the link, bu to be honest most of its completely over my head. i had a little bit of time tonight to play around, and Im pretty happy with respect to finding a result -albiet a little bit dodgy- the wma sound at 160kbps seems slightly more crisp at the high end (trebble), then 192 mp3, however I fount it really strange that when i coded using 128wma the "volume" of the track was substatially higher- it was also incredably distorted, and the 160 version had quite a few pops and crackles in it, much to my dismay. I am using musicmatch 8.0 with the wma plugin, which I assume is as good as using the windows media player...?
irq506Author Commented:
...I should also mention that I used DAE (from a CD not vinyl) and the ripping speed was pretty fast on the mp3's about 36.6x and about 20x on the wma's. Im wondering if this could have had something to do with the pops and clicks..?
For the latest (and greatest?) audio formats: codecs, players, pluggins etc go here (Ogg, AAC, Mpeg4, MPC...):-)

Mp3? WMA? Soooooo yesterday.
irq506Author Commented:
Sooo yesterday maybe, but if you read the original post then youll understand why Im using them.
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