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Hello . Im using Delphi 6 , and i want to make a search in a web page ... and it will return me some variables ... i think i have to use nmhttp ... the site will be like google .. so i ll type the search word in a edit and it will return me some variables like url and other in a memo ... thnx a lot
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Use that page for a bit as user and study how they pass the search query, via Post or Get.
Use TIdHTTP to do the query in either case.



P.S. For further help, please specify the page.
fuscao_spAuthor Commented:
hi i wanna make a search in for my catalog in my video store ...
i wanna search the movie that will be typed in an edit .. and in a memo it will return genre , tagline , votes , rating , plot and cast .. then after i can treat it and add to my db ...



- 1 parameter containing the type( chosen among the ones displayed ) and called "Select".
- 1 parameter containing the name and called "For".

Use TIdHttp for it.


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fuscao_spAuthor Commented:
theres no chance you can post here an "trial" code so i can try to upgrade it ??? thnx a loot
fuscao_spAuthor Commented:
im having some problems to filter the data i reciveid ... can you help ??? thnx in advance

I'll try to post something tomorrow morning, ok?
I don't have a chance to try things out for today.

Or, send in the code you tried, so that we'll give a
look at it together.


fuscao_spAuthor Commented:
i have this to get rating year and name from a idtitle page ...

title1:=copy(title1,0,pos('<small>(<a href="',title1)-2);
year:=copy(year,pos(' <small>(<a href="/Sections/Years/',year)+34,length(year));
rating:=copy(memo1.Lines.text,pos('<b class="ch">User Rating:</b>',memo1.lines.text)+32,length(memo1.lines.text));
rating:=copy(rating,0,pos('alt="Vote Here" align="bottom"',rating)-34);
rating:=copy(rating,0,pos('<a href="ratings"><img',rating)-2);
rating2:=copy(rating,pos('</b> ',rating)+5,length(rating)+4);;

now i want to get writed by, plot info and hole cat ... but i cant hehehe ... thnx in advance ;)

Well, I gave an eye to the Post method in the IdHTTP component.
It's overloaded, so you have several versions, but in all of them there's a
string list parameter.

You can do something like this:

var Params : TStringList;

   Params := TStringList.Create;
   Params.Add( 'SELECT='+Selection );
   Params.Add( 'FOR='+Title );
   IdHttp1.Post(...,Params,nil );


Use a TStream in the third param if you want to get a result back.



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fuscao_spAuthor Commented:
ok i ll accept it ;) but can you be more specific on how to get result back ??? im trying with no sucess getting cast and plot info .... the pages are not equal on diferent movies and what i tried doesnt work ... its like i post before ... thnx
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