How to release row handles?

Hi friends!
  I'm using adodb recordset(SQLOLEDB) in my application. On my form, I use some text fields(bound to the data using bindingcollection) to display the records. There are command buttons to move through the records (first,previous,next & last) for which I use movefirst,moveprevious, movenext & movelast methods of the recordset.
I also have 'add' and 'update' buttons to add a new record(addnew method) and save the record(update method).
   When I try to move through the records using the above four buttons, immediately after adding a record and updating, I get an error message like this.
   'You should release all the row handles before getting a new one.'
Please tell me how to release the row handles.  
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Mikal613Connect With a Mentor Commented:
before Updating and Adding you should Requery the Recordset
vkaniAuthor Commented:
Thank you Mikal613!
Your suggestion worked superbly.Thanks a lot!
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