How to Merge Primary Partition with Unallocated Space!! Plz help!

Ok.. I had window98.. I made another partition.. which is now windowXp that I'm using.  But what happened is that my window98 became allocated Space.  That doesn't matter didn't need it anyway.  But I only used 3 Gb to create my Window Xp.  So SOMEONE PLEASE help me find a way to merge my C drive with the Unallocated Space. Please don't tell me go to that site and download that! Just give me the direct answer As in how to Fix this problem!
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Sorry but you are going have to got to a site and download that.

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Ranish Partition Manager
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There is nothing built into XP that will do this hence you need a third party utility,

However try this

Start > Run diskmgmt.msc
Right click on the unallocated are and then see what options you have. If non of them allow merging or claiming the space for your C drive then you will need a third party utility.

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Go to diskmanagent en format de disk, no need to use 3rd party programs.
To resolve this issue, use one of the following three possible resolutions.
Delete the Dynamic Partition and Recreate a Basic Partition
When Windows XP Setup deletes a partition on a dynamic disk, the disk reverts to basic. All dynamic volumes are deleted, and data is lost. Before it deletes a partition on a dynamic disk, Windows XP Setup generates the following warning message:

The partition you attempted to delete is on a dynamic disk. Deletion of this partition will make all other partitions on this disk unusable.

Do not delete this partition if you need to keep any of the data on any of the partitions on this disk.
Install Windows XP to a Partition That Resides on a Basic Disk or on a Retained Dynamic Volume
If another disk is installed on the system, a disk that is basic or that is a dynamic volume that has been retained, you can use this disk to install Windows XP.

When disks are converted to dynamic while you are running Windows XP, the only MBR information that is retained is information about current system and boot partitions. This is unlike Windows 2000, where all existing MBR information is retained upon conversion from basic to dynamic.
Use the Diskpart Command RETAIN to Create MBR Partition Information
If you have access to a Windows XP graphical user interface (GUI) that is already on the system, you may be able to use the Diskpart retain command to create the MBR partition table information.

The retain command prepares a dynamic simple volume to be used as a boot or system volume by writing the flag that states that the partition is retained in the dynamic disk database and then putting an entry in the MBR partition table for that partition.

On an x86-based computer, the retain command creates an MBR partition entry on the dynamic simple volume with focus. To create an MBR partition, the dynamic simple volume must start at a cylinder aligned offset and be an integral number of cylinders in size.
christytpy the issue apparently was already resolved hence the Accepted Answer you see a few comments above yours. :)
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