Lotus Notes Mailfile Local Replica corrupt

I have a problem with a local replica of my Lotus Notes Mailfile. When I try to move new mail from my Inbox to another folder it does not appear in the folder view. The message is still visible in the "All Documents" view and I can drag it back into the inbox from there. I also seem to have some messages with a future date as their date of reciept. I think my local mailfile is corrupted but I don't know how to fix it. Someone suggested I remove the cache.dsk file and then log back in to Lotus Notes but this hasn't helped. Can anyone suggest anything?
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refresh the deisgn locally and compavtfrom db proerties
DonaldChalmersAuthor Commented:
Just tried File > Database > Refresh Design.. and selected local from the server list then compacted from the database properties but unfortunately that hasn't helped.
can u move documents using menu?

Move to folder ..

Do a try and let us know.
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DonaldChalmersAuthor Commented:
Thanks but that didn't work either.....
When I move the doc from inbox, it won't be in Inbox. U can view the same doc in alldocuments.
DonaldChalmersAuthor Commented:
Yeah but it will be in the folder you move it too? When I move something it removes it from the original location but it doesn't appear in the new location. The only way I can get it back is through the all documents view. This worked fine until about 2 weeks ago.
Yes. Once u move the doc., it should be in the respected folder which u moved into.

If it is not displaying, then database has been corrupted.

This is the last option I can think of currently.

Press CTRL+SHIFT+F9 same time.

It will rebuild all the views and folders in the database. Try this way and try the menu method and drag and drop also.

Which version of notes ur using?
compact the desktop.dsk


Before u implement the above, do a backup copy of ur desktop.dsk
This sounds like the typical "clock was set to a future date then set bacl" problem.  Notes will get confused if it received documents and updated folders and views witha future date, then got set back.  That's because the next time it updates anything, it will  find tha it has a "pending update" for the future-dated documents, even though they are already incorporated AND/OR the view will think it is more up to date than a new document (doc says Monday, folder thinks it was updated Tuesday, so it thinks it has the document incorporated when really it never did).

What do you mean by "future delivery date"?  The DeliveryDate field in document properties?  And is the "fture" document one that was delivered via the Domino server, or via POP3 retrieval of the Notes client?

Usually the solution for date problems is one or more of the following:
 * compact DB
 * rebuild folders and views ONE BY ONE by pressing Shift-F9 with each open (Shift-control-f9 does NOT work!!)
 * replace replica

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DonaldChalmersAuthor Commented:
Thanks. That sounds like exactly the problem I had.
I rebuilt the replica and it seems to be working fine now.
One other thing I have seen suceed is to replace the design of the database with a completely different template such as a personal address book template.  Then replace the template again with the usual template.  Also, delete the cache.dsk file when Notes is not running.  Actually you may want to do that first.

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