Transferring Speech Profile from one machine to another


I'm sure those of you who have experimented with the Speech Recognition in WinXP are familiar with the amount of time it takes to train a profile.  As I use more than one PC, is there anyway I can copy the profile from one machine to the other?  


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I know it is nasty to train the profile ...

But its easy to transfer !!! .. yeah ..

If u r using viavoice ..

PC1 = Trained PC
PC2 = Untrained PC

Step 1:

Install Via Voice on PC2
Start the training .. 1-2 minutes ..

Step 2:

Go to PC1

Copy the following folder:
C: Drive > Program Files > Via Voice Folder

Step 3:

Go to PC2

Shut down ViaVoice
Copy this folder
Delete the folder "Via Voice" here
and Paste the one you obtained from PC1

Start your PC2 Via Voice .. U R Done ...

Install Via Voice in another

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NorthAuthor Commented:
Hi Nirman,

unfortunately I am just using Windows own speech recognition engine as I am a programmer writing my first speech enabled software and the SAPI provided by Microsoft uses their own engine / profiles.  

Thanks very much anyway,

Did u try copy paste "Documents and Settings" in that case ... becuase windows xp would definitely store it there ...
NorthAuthor Commented:
That's more than likely but I would not want to copy D&S from one machine to another.  I also suspect there will be many registry entries that would be required.  Also one machine (my work machine) is on a domain and my home machine is stand alone, so my login user's SIDs would not match and I wouldn't be using the same windows profile anyway...  cheers anyhoo.

I'll check, there may be a transfer wizard I can use.

Thanks for the suggestions,

NorthAuthor Commented:
Hi, looks like no-one else has an answer for transferring Windows profiles.  So points for particpation it is! thanks for contributing.

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