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Hi All,

We have recently installed a windows 2003 server in our print shop to serve as centralized storage for Quark express files.

Unfortunately, the files are currrently stored on an external disk, that is connected to the Mac, and they have names with unconventional characters in them such as "Marry 1/2 page flyer".

Such file names can't be saved to the windows server until the "/"  is removed.

Well, we know that we can use ABFR to "batch rename" all our files. But we still have a problem with Quark. If a Quark file refers to an external file, that it can't find now becuase of the name change, we need to point quark to the new file, and when Quark brings it in, it looses the attributes, position size etc. It brings it back top left corner at 100%.

Does anyone know of a utility / extension that will allow us to replace one file with another in Quark without loosing the attributes ?

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Probably not gonna happen. I think you have a better chance of getting Windows to not freak over / characters. Might be doable if you used Mac Services and created a volume for Mac clients. Could also use a Mac server but after getting a windows server you probably dont want to backtrack and do it over.

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You don't have a choice -- set up Mac services and create a Mac volume. This was possible with NT, not sure about 2003. You'll have to check MS site and see.

Frankly, I'd just get a big external HD and an old Mac, and put them there. If they're Mac files and you're going to be using Macs to work on them, it will save you a lot of headaches.
Can I ask why you got a Win2003 server if you knew it was going to have to hold Mac files? Just curious...
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See my answer here at the other section you posted this question:

...though reading the responses above, perhaps I misunderstood the question :-)

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Haven't had this problem, but batchupdate sounds like it's worth checking out:


(dunno about the vendor, first google hit).

Seems to me you could also simulate a Mac volume on the server with whatever the current macindos, macopener, dave (?--something like that--used to use with a mixed network). Or do something similarly convoluted like put the files in compressed archives, with the path stored, converting on PC end--are you opening on pc's, or is that just the server?).

Good luck!
I get this problem from time to time.

Here is my solution, its a hack but it works.

open the Quark file in a script editor, either, BBEDIT on MAC or Primal Script on PC, former is free, later is inexpensive.

Lets say your file is called "Marry 1/2 page flyer.eps"

do a find for "flyer.eps" and this will probably find the path and "Marry 1/2 page flyer.eps"  filename in the Quark file, you can now change this to "Marry 12 page flyer.eps "
NOTICE i added the space, at the end, its important to keep it as if i remember rightly Xpress does a checksum on the file, golden rule, for every character you remove add a space at the end. The filename itself is terminated with null byte, but this shouldn't be important to you.


Be brave give it a go,  but be careful out there ;-)

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