Exact clone from one hard drive to another on the same system

I currently have a 20 gig hard drive in my gateway computer running Windows ME (hoping to be able to upgrade to XP after I have the 80 gig operational).  I just purchased an 80 gig hard drive last night.  I want to use the 80 gig as my master (because the 20 gig is making some noise and I don’t trust it).  My question is two fold one, I need an exact copy. This is due to a program that I have that has a special key to run an engraver.  If you have to reinstall this software you have to get another key (number) to make it active at a substantial cost. So will the Maxtor software perform this? Or do I need something like Norton’s Ghost?  Then I would like the 20 gig to be a back-up drive in the same system so If this is possible then is there something that I can do to have the 80 gig back-up like once a week to the 20 gig?  
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Yes the Maxtor software should do this for you if you have a Maxtor drive.
If not most drive manufacturers have a similar program to do the same.
As far as making a weekly back up (clone of your main drive) you may have difficulty because you can't clone a larger drive to a smaller drive.
If you partition the 80gb to be smaller or the same as the 20 GB then this would be possible. The Maxtor software should allow you to chose the size of your partition. I Don't think that you can automate this process you would need to back up (clone) manually. With Ghost or Drive Image you can make an image of your partition(s) on a CD-R or RW drive.
There is another possibility. There is a program called Instant recovery that would also meet your needs.
Ghost is good, but I recommend the Instant recovery simply based on the fact that it will burn to CD-Roms, and automatically span the image across multiple CD's. In your case, as long as the size of the file is smaller than the space you are putting it in, it will. The other nice thing is that it will let you put the image on to a larger drive with no hassles. Ghost wants to create the partition to match.
Sorry, I forgot to offer the website.
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For synchronizing folders, I use Synchromagic.  You only copy what has changed in the folder, and you can do multiple folders (directories).  You probably don't want to copy the entire disk, since there are program files you don't need to copy, temporary and system files you don't want to copy, and old files that you already have a copy of.
I use this one:


Slave new HD to old HD , then run Xclone from a DOS  prompt in windows:

xclone c: d:    It will copy everything but the swapfile ( which windows will recreate later ),
then make the new drive master and you are done. This is a freeware program and I use it to clone my HD before I do something new and/or stupid with my computer ( about every 2 or 3 weeks )      ; )    Don't forget to Fdisk and Format the new HD first.

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Hehe; I'll check that out. Seems two tools, similiar jobs, but, really, different applications. I use IR for imaging and a no hassle backup routine on my Clients PC's. NObody backs up, and EVERYbody does something stupid every couple of weeks. Hades, I'm ususally there every couple HOURS, myself.  8-)
: D    I don't have much use for backups, as my main setup is about 2gigs, and a keeping a fresh clone around works well for me.    K.I.S.S
JimboGAuthor Commented:
Coral47, you say you don't backup what do you use to keep a fresh clone around???
I'm totally open for the best way to not loose any data.

BTW I will be installing this HD this weekend, (I wanted to give myself plenty of time in case I have to resort to another means).

Hades! I WISH I could keep it around 2 gigs. I play to many games, and download too much...
XP is such a bloated hog...
I use Xclone as said above.  I just don't use a "standard" backup program like you would for databases and such. I have 2   2gig HD's that I rotate ( when I am not feeling lazy ) just incase something happens while I am formating and cloning the 2gig, and messup both drives ( I did once, but it was my fault, I knocked the powerstrip plug out of the wall. I am a little less lazy now. )
Thank you much.    : )
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