How to check the website the domain user visited

Hi, we have a windows 2000 server and there are some users join the domain. How can I check what website the domain user has visited? will there any records be kept in the server?

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Try the registry search for "TypedUrls" and you might find it if you need a spy app try SpyBuddy
TomokoLAuthor Commented:
Hi, thank you for your comments but could you give more details how to check "TypedUrls". Like detail path. thanks
open run from the start menu and type regedit
 and then goto edit and look for "Find"
then find "TypedUrls" and you may find it
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There is no easy way to do this with just windows 2000, but there is a multitude of third-part tracking solutions on the market...the following are a few of them.
TomokoLAuthor Commented:
hi, I find it. but there only shows the website which the server accessed not the domain user accessed
TomokoLAuthor Commented:
Hi JConchie, thank you for your information, but is there anyway can check it out without using other tools?
With w2K itself, only by going to each machine individually and looking at each user profile individually and checking thier IE history........if they hav'nt been smart enough to erase it.

If you have a firewall on the system, some, for instance the SonicWalls will let you do some limitted auditing of sites visited........but if you suspect you have a real problem,........or your management does, you need to convince them to spend a little money on addressing the issue......only the third party tracking programs will give you a really comprehensive ideas of who is going where.

Most firewalls also include filtering and blocking functions that will allow you to restrict where users can go without permission.

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TomokoLAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for your comments, I will think about it.
you can also use an app that will allow you to read the index.dat file.

Do a search for History Reader 5 in google.

TomokoLAuthor Commented:
Hi Nick, Thank you for your comments but what do you mean
"use an app that will allow you to read the index.dat file"

I did search the History Reader 5, but it still need use third party

Any other comments?
And it still means you have to go into each machine individually, access each profile individually and read the index.dat    What are your users going to be saying and doing while you do that?  Screaming at management, at you, about not being trusted, invasion of privacy,etc.  Seems to me to be a way to create a real nasty work environment quickly.
The whole point of monitoring software is to not let the targets know they are being least not directly.  As I said, if this is a real problem on your network, spend the money to solve it properly.
TomokoLAuthor Commented:
OK, Thank you guys. I know what to do.
Good Luck.........please don't forget to award points and finalize the question.
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