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Outlook plug-in in VB6 question - Customizing the property pages.


I found this place to be very informative on Visual Basic related topics. Thanks to all for the valuable expert knowledge sharing.

I have the following question that I would like to get some advise/tips from you guys.

I am writing outlook plug-in for our internal use.  This outlook is developed in VB6 as a dll.  Outlook plug-in will have a new toolbar, new button and a new menu item with some sub-menu items. And also, it will have a new property page added in Tools/Options menu.  

I am having problems resizing the property page that has been added as a "user control".

Another idea to overcome to this issue I had in mind is to have tab controls on the property page.
so that I can distribute the gui controls onto different tab controlled child dialogs.

I am unsuccessfull in achieving either of the above options.

Would someone please shed some ideas on how to implement this.

Thanks for your help.
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