Outlook plug-in in VB6 question - Customizing the property pages.


I found this place to be very informative on Visual Basic related topics. Thanks to all for the valuable expert knowledge sharing.

I have the following question that I would like to get some advise/tips from you guys.

I am writing outlook plug-in for our internal use.  This outlook is developed in VB6 as a dll.  Outlook plug-in will have a new toolbar, new button and a new menu item with some sub-menu items. And also, it will have a new property page added in Tools/Options menu.  

I am having problems resizing the property page that has been added as a "user control".

Another idea to overcome to this issue I had in mind is to have tab controls on the property page.
so that I can distribute the gui controls onto different tab controlled child dialogs.

I am unsuccessfull in achieving either of the above options.

Would someone please shed some ideas on how to implement this.

Thanks for your help.
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When you added the control to your project, it was compiled. Whatever size the form is in the compiled version is the size the form will be.

If you want to resize it, I suggest that you get it done before it is compiled and added to the com add-in.

I just did this, and may be putting the final project up on my website. If you have any more questions, I'll see if I can answer them. There are books you can get on creating com add-ins for outlook.

satchit_tallaAuthor Commented:
I am under the impression that if you add a property page to outlook application under tools/options the the dialog size can't be modified. I tried to modify it, but it didn't work. Would you please be more specific/detailed in your suggestion.

satchit_tallaAuthor Commented:
Please do send a link to your website that you are going to put the project to. I really appreciate your help.

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I didn't mean that there may be a way to make the whole dialog box / tool window larger... just that you have to size the control in design before it gets added to the options/tool toolwindow.

What you create to make the property page is a control. If you would like to make that page a different size, then you need to do that before you compile the control.

If you need more room, then you could open another window from that... but, I would recommend that you try to be creative and keep your options limited to that space which is provided. It just makes it simpler for the user (and the programmer too).

I have one more thing to do with my project, then I will put it up on the website.
satchit_tallaAuthor Commented:
If I can't resize the property page, would it be possible to add tab controlled dialog boxes with main dialog so that I can distribute the controls to different child dialogs but with in the same parent dialog.

Sure, you could just put a tab control on your property page.
satchit_tallaAuthor Commented:
Would you mind sending me a sample code to do the tab control in a property page. And also, if you are done with your sample project would you send me the link?

I never put a tab control on the page I created. But, that is a standard VB 6 programming technique, so I know you will get better information from a book or the help file for that control.

I'll let you know when I get the rest done.
Hi, I have been struggling to get a final component working. Everything worked fine in an environment where VB was installed, but wouldn't work on the customers machine.

Finally, I found out how to implement the IDTExtensibility module which is required for add-ins. The sample I started from fired all the correct sequences, but didn't use IDTExt... so I just moved the code from them into "onConnect" for those modules and seems to be working now. I have my field tester checking it for me and should be ready to go later today.

If you would like to download a sample, you can go to my website and get the sample version from there. Go to http://www.taskware.ca and then click on products from the menu, and then select the link for the "Outlook Attachment Printer" towards the bottom of the page. This will give you some info. on the project, what it does and how to use it.

What it will do is load an add-in that provides "auto-print" functionality to your inbox. This can be controlled through your normal "tools -> options" interface, look for a new tab called "Autoprint Settings". You can disable the add-in without removing it by the "add-ins" options dialog in outlook. This has been tested here on OL2000 and OL2002 (xp), OL2000 was running on my Terminal Server (Windows 2003 Enterprise Server), here in my home office. My client has OL2K running on Term Serv as well. My field tester has a stand-alone PC running WinXP.

Let me know if it works on your machine... preferably, you would install this on a test machine without VB6 installed.
satchit_tallaAuthor Commented:
I downloaded to my pc where I have VB6 installed. It doesn't work on this machine. It installed fine.  I see the new tab created in tools->options, but when I click on the tab, it gives me an error saying  "Unable to display "Autoprint Settings" page. This page will remain visible, but is not available"

I have seen this kind of message before when I was doing my plug-in development if the property page is not setup correctly.  

Would you be able to share your code for the add-in you have developed?. If not, that is fine.

So let me know if you need any help on this. I might be able to help you out.

By the way, I did figure out to add tab controlled dialog to my property page and stuff. I think I am all set with what I needed.
I would share my code, but if you're already done then there's no point.

If you're done and it's working, perhaps you could post your solution.

That error you are seeing is what I was trying to fix... do you have a property page working in your project? Any tips?


satchit_tallaAuthor Commented:
Yes, my property page is working fine.  I would like to know how you added your property page and also did you set procedure attributes for the property you have created.

Give me some details so that I can help you with the error you are getting.

My prop page works on the computer it is compiled on and others which are running VB6, other computers will show the tab and then have an error message that "the page cannot be displayed, but will remain available".

I added my property page as an OCX control which is compiled in a separate program, per the book I was basing this on.

When adding the property page control into the new project, which is the add-in for Outlook, you get a control which is displayed on your "tools -> options" menu. To add this property page I used

Private Sub objOutlook_OptionsPagesAdd(ByVal Pages As Outlook.PropertyPages)
    Pages.Add "PPE.SettingsPage", "Autoprint Settings"
End Sub

PPE is the name of the project, settingspage is the name of the form (control) and "Autoprint Settings" is the name of the project which contains the add-in and the property page control.

What "procedure attributes" did you use?


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I created a work around last week and went on with other things until today... and I found out the problem. Simple really.

I was thinking about the issue and what I realized was that when the setup program was created it did not include the OCX from the property page into the end project for the rest of the code.

Once the control was compiled it had the OCX registered, but it wasn't working with an installation only! DOH!

Thanks again for your help.
we tried to help... too bad he's ignoring it
satchit_tallaAuthor Commented:
I agree you tried to help. If you want points, I will make sure you get points. The point is If I got the answer to my question. The answer is no. So, if you need to points so badly, I don't have a problem with that.

I don't care if you want your points back, that's fine... we never did anything with this and they just want you to close it.

I'd keep in mind, that there isn't much point in asking for comments if they are just going to be ignored.
satchit_tallaAuthor Commented:
I think I understand your comments.  I think its being silly over this. All I wanted was to close it and since no one has responded to my question.  I don't think I am obligated to accept an answer just because they tried to answer it.  


Please look at the thread for my original question and the responses that follow it. Please do take whatever action you think appropriate to close my question.

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