How do you get your jumpstart server to load VTS to its clients?

Hey everyone,
   I have a jumpstart server loading Solaris 8 on to a bunch of clients.  What I am looking to do is have the jumpstart server load VTS on the client machines.  This way once the client gets the o/s loaded I can simply just run VTS on the client.  I want the jumpstart server to load the VTS package on the client machines.  Thank you everyone for your help in advance.  
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You would prolly find an answer quicker in the Solaris TA.
u can add SUNWvts package to jumpstart-dir/*.profile file

package SUNWgzip add
package SUNWless add
package SUNWman add
package SUNWbash add

then whenever a client is installed, after this SUNWvts will also be installed.
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read some tips and tricks from here.
kassidy2010Author Commented:
Thanks everyone.  I will be checking these out today.  I will try shivsa's solution and also search for other solutions.  I will let everyone know how it comes out.   Thanks for everyone's responses.  If anyone else has any more ideas please feel free to keep on posting!  :)
kassidy2010Author Commented:
I created a file named vts.profile  When I ran a jumpstart install it did not work. I created a directory in my jumpstart directory called VTS.   Here is the contents of the file:

package /VTS/SUNWvts add
package /VTS/SUNWvtsmn add
package /VTS/SUNWvtsol add
package /VTS/SUNWvtsx add

That is all I put in the file.  Am I missing anything at all??

The files are in /jumpstart/VTS

Thanks again for everyones help!
u need not to create another profile file, u can add this pkgadd SUNWvts packages to existing profile under /jumpstart/Profiles/profile.

also check for the permission on dirctories and packages, it should be atleast read/exe.
if this does not work then i would suggest
putting these pkgadd entried into the finish file.

pkgadd  -d ${PKGS} SUNWvts

where PKGS is package directory.
kassidy2010Author Commented:
  I have not tried the last thing you wrote about adding to a finish file.  I have no finish file so I will have to create one.  I also do not have a /jumpstart/Profiles/profile.  Should I create this??  

yes, u can create both of these files.
they are used by jumpstart, i think u might be having these files with jumpstart, copy the standard ones and then chanhe it accordingly.

something like these...
# cat /jumpstart/Finish/finish
echo 'Finish script ......\n\n\n'

# cat /jumpstart/Profiles/profile

install_type  initial_install
on solaris 9, the profile file comes with the name of any_machine, i think on sol 8 they use the same name.
u can put this file under /jumpstart directoty.

cp -r jumpstart_sample/* /jumpstart
cd /jumpstart
rules check any_machine
.... and some more files.

#cat /jumpstart/any_machine
           install_type          initial_install
           system_type          standalone
           partitioning          default
           package               SUNWvts add

kassidy2010Author Commented:
  Thank you so much!  I found were the profile was.  The person who set up the jumpstart server had it in a weird place, now I found everything.  It was named something odd.  I am in the middle of testing again and I will let you know!  Thank you so much!
kassidy2010Author Commented:
Where would the packages get installed.  I can not find them in the system. I did a find and could not find them and also checked specific directory.  Is this known not to work sometimes??  Maybe I will try the finish script tomorrow?  Not sure what else to do or where else to look.  Thanks for all the in put Shivsa, just to let you know, you have been doing a great job so far :)  Let me know what else I can do or where they maybe or what I am doing frustrating :/

u can see if the packages get installed with
pkginfo | grep SUNWvts.

the logs files generally kept on /var/sadm/pkg directory.
hope u get this work this time.
kassidy2010Author Commented:
I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.  Do I have restart any services??  I added the lines to the profile.  I then ran a check.  I checked pkginfo and the /var/sadm/pkg directory.  Still nothing.  I must be missing something.  You have gotten this to work this way correct?  I am not sure what else to try or if I should just do a finish script?  Thanks fore everything!
could u try adding finish script.

there is one more way called post installation, this is user once u run your normal install and after that u want to install any required patches and some package like VTS.
kassidy2010Author Commented:
Ok, I will write a finish script and see how that works.  After I write the finish script what do I do next so the jumpstart server knows to install it.  Do I have to add anything to my rules file or anything like that?  I will let you know either wya how that goes!  Thanks, you have been an amazing help!
kassidy2010Author Commented:
After I write the finish script is there anything i have to do.  Add it to the rules files anything??  Or maybe a check file to run??  Please advise.  I feel pretty close.
u need not to do anything, if u are done with finish script, just run a check file to run. it will create  runles.ok and then u can start installing, if u face some problem then post the messages.

Add rule in rules file
Adding entries in the rules file, enables the clients to choose the correct profile for the installation. If no profile exists, the client will enter interactive installation mode.

The rules file consists of lines with five fields each;

  keyword value begin profile finish

also for reference check this link.
kassidy2010Author Commented:
  Ok, I am so frustrated right now :(  I just have no clue what I am doing wrong.  I will past some files here for you to look at.  First here is the finish script

jserv# more VTSinstall.finish
#       Install VTS 11/07/2003  RL
echo "Installing Sun VTS from Jumpstart Server......."
mount -f nfs /a/mnt
cd /a/mnt
pkgadd -d ${var/sadm/pkg/VTS} SUN*
cd /a
umount /a/mnt

Here is the rules.ok file:
jserv# more rules.ok
any -   -   any_machine VTSinstall.finish
# version=2 checksum=3563

and here is the any_machine profile:
jserv# more any_machine
install_type    initial_install
system_type     standalone
cluster         SUNWCuser
package         SUNWaudmo add
package         SUNWman add
package         SUNWvts add
package         SUNWvtsmn add
package         SUNWvtsol add
package         SUNWvtsx add
partitioning    explicit
usedisk         c0t0d0
locale          en_US
filesys         c0t0d0s1 1024 swap
filesys         c0t0d0s0 free /
kassidy2010Author Commented:
Still not sure what I am doing wrong???  Does any of this help?
sorry i did not check this post, thought it is resolved.
1. delete vts related things from any_machine file.

2. This is what i am using right now.


#!/bin/sh -x

mkdir ${MNT} 2>&1 >log

echo "Installing Sun VTS from Jumpstart Server......."
mount -f nfs ${MNT} 2>/dev/null


/usr/sbin/pkgadd -a ${ADMIN_FILE} -d ${MNT} -R ${BASE} SUNWvts 2>/dev/null
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -a ${ADMIN_FILE} -d ${MNT} -R ${BASE} SUNWvtsmn 2>/dev/null
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -a ${ADMIN_FILE} -d ${MNT} -R ${BASE} SUNWvtsol 2>/dev/null
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -a ${ADMIN_FILE} -d ${MNT} -R ${BASE} SUNWvtstk 2>/dev/null
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -a ${ADMIN_FILE} -d ${MNT} -R ${BASE} SUNWvtstx 2>/dev/null
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -a ${ADMIN_FILE} -d ${MNT} -R ${BASE} SUNWvtsx 2>/dev/null
umount ${MNT}  2>/dev/null
rmdir ${MNT} 2>/dev/null

echo "Finish install script completed."

3. after creating these files, run check again.
and do the installation.
kassidy2010Author Commented:
I tried this and get a core dump.  I am not sure what files I am suppose to create.  All I did was put this code in  Do I have to create an admin file and if so what does it contain?  Anything else??

no admin file will be created by this file.
did u change the name of file to  VTSinstall.finish. because that the file name u are using in rules files.
once u do those changes, try to run check script and then do the installation.

what kind of core dump u had. system paniced or script dumped the core.
if script dumped the core, could u send me the errors.
also if script dump the core
do pstack core and send me the output.
may be your vts binaries are not correct.
kassidy2010Author Commented:
What directory do the packages have to be in??
in finish script u are mounting ${MNT}( where MNT is /a/mnt)
so u should have all the packages on server directory or if u have selected some other directory then mount that directory here.
i see u have all your vts files in /jumpstart/VTS, may me u should mount like this ${MNT}( or whatever is your correct path) but make sure once u mount the directory u should see all the packages there.

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kassidy2010Author Commented:
Thanks for all of your help.  YOu did a great job!!!
kassidy2010Author Commented:
Hi Shivsa,
  I have a quick question.  Is there a way to answer the questions that the VTS install asks inside the script?
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