Administrator module crashes at startup

When NotesAdministrator (R5.11) launches and the password is given, the view goes to the replication schedule. At that point NotesAdministrator crashes with an error on Ncollect.exe and asking YES or NO. YES keeps the application 'running' but I can't do anything except for closing it.
NO gives me DrWatson and then the application closes.

How can I change the view in the notes.ini .... to make it startup with 'configuration' e.g. ?

I searched at!OpenView ... but no results.

Client:  Windows XP prof. SP1 /  Notes R5.11
Server: Windows NT4 SP6a   /   Domino R5.11
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Hi FreekHendriks,

Do you start with the Notes regular client, or start DOmino Admin directly?

Best regards,
FreekHendriksAuthor Commented:

Normally directly the NotesAdministrator.
I have tried to start the NotesClient first and then NotesAdministrator. But NotesAdministrator still crashes and both Client and Administrator stop!

Did you install the notes suite with shared option ? Errors are likely to occur when you have shared install selected for notes suite.. this  option is only supported for Client only install.

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1) try a reinstall over your existing install,it may fix corrupt files

2) try getting rid of admin4.nsf or domadmin.nsf, and get fresh copies of their source NTF files.
FreekHendriksAuthor Commented:
Shared option?... do you mean "shared partitions"?    NO
I meant shared install !

Try this.. before re-install

Compact the workspace .. Close notes and delete cache.dsk from notes data folder and now restart the client and then admin.

FreekHendriksAuthor Commented:

I tried but I still get the error.

'shared install'?......just a normal install of the Client, Admin and Designer.
Is this client installed on seperate workstation or on machine where Domino server is installed ?

Try this ...

1.Create a new names.nsf from the pernames.ntf template (Backup existing names.nsf to names_bak.nsf so that you can copy the contacts later to new names.nsf)
2.Close notes completely and delete the domadmin.nsf database
3.Delete all but the first three lines of the notes.ini file
4.Start the Notes client
5.Setup the client by following the prompts.. This might fixup the problem.

FreekHendriksAuthor Commented:
Domino R5 is installed on a NT4 server.
Client, admin and designer are installed on my WindowsXP machine.

Following these steps is nearly the same as making a fresh install except of coping all the files from CD to the harddisk.

This weekend I'll have time to look into it.

FreekHendriksAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

Thanks for all your postings... but I solved it myself.
The problem was in the "Administration preferences".
There is an option to start monitoring inmediately AND to start it from server.

Alltough these settings are set a while ago.. a disabled monitoring at startup.

Thank you all......
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