Power Supply - Is it adequate?


This question has been nagging me for sometime now.  I have an Antec 1030 case with an Antec 300W PSU and wanted to know if I have enough power. The reason I ask is because I quite frequently get my system rebooting during games and sometimes just while surfing.

System Specs:

AMD 2500+ Barton (O/C to 3200) 200MHZ FSB
512 MB OCZ PC3200 Ram
2 Harddrives (20gig Maxtor) (17.4 gig Fujitsu)
1 - CDRW
Hercules Soundcard
Gainward Geforce4 4200 Graphics Card 128MB (Sometime OC'd)
21" Viewsonic CTR Monitor
4 - 90mm Case fans
1 - 120mm Case fan

My system voltages in the USDM Software read the following.

Vdd:       1.632 V
Vcore:    1.632 V
Vdimm:  2.704 V
+5V:      4.838 V
+12V:    11.856 V
-12V:     -12.363 V
-5V:      -5.250 V
Vbat:     3.12
5VSB:    5.018 V

I don't know what these voltages should be but these are consistent with what I usually notice.

Do I need a bigger PSU and if so can someone tell me what I should get?


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And AMD 2500 CPU requires 1.67, you could use a 300W yes, but personally i'd go for a 400W to be on the safe side.
i would definitely upgrade my PS with those specs.

that video card and the hdds alone will suck some serious juice.

i'd go with a 500w, if your case will support it, that way you won't have to upgrade for a long time, and they're not much more than the 400w.

here is a question i asked.  you will just have to sit down add figure out how much power you will need at max output.


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gordmAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all 3 of you!
no prob :)
your welcome
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