Can't run a script called from a HTML Page but can from the Command Line

I have a simple script that opens a file and concatenates a line of text to the end of the file before closing it again. The script works fine when used from the command line on my PC. But when I call the file form an HTML Page the script dosn't work - nothing gets written to the file.

HTML Code (addNewsItem.html):

Perl Code (
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use CGI::Carp "fatalsToBrowser";

$string="Today there was a car crash on the I5";

open(OUTPUT,">>$outputFile") || die("Cannot Open File");
print OUTPUT "$string";            

There is more in both files but I guess this is the bones of the source....

Any help,
- Troy
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A script run from the command line runs with your permissions.

A script run under the web server typically runs with the permissions of the user 'nobody'. On most systems, 'nobody' does not have permission to create files or write on files just anywhere.

Your script appears to be properly written to send notice of this error back to you. Does it? Or does it fail to complain, too?

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Is newsHeading.js is same path with your perl script?

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Never use relative paths in CGI scripts.  You can *never* guarantee your current working directory.
why not simply check the server logs, error log in particular?
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