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I have postfix running with courier-imap and courier-pop3. I have set the mailbox_size_limit = 10490000. Is there a way that I can set different levels on an account basis? Basically, I would like to limit everyone else that is using my mailserver to the above limit, but I would like my mailbox to be larger.

Thanks in advance,

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You need to define Per-User Inbox Size Limiting, you might need to install a patch for postfix,
have a look at the following page for details:

pat5starAuthor Commented:
Hi yuzh,

I took a quick look at the link you provided. After reading part of it I noticed a comment that stated using MailDir/ is not supported for applying mailbox size limits. I am using MailDir/ so if this is true, is there another alternative I can pursue?

My goal is to set reasonable limits on how big any users MailDir/ can be, with the exception of my own. I appreciate the help and hope that I can accomplish this with a fairly easy solution.

I think you can try Courier, have a loot at:
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I fond the patch can support MailDir, here's the one : (sorry a bit hard to read !)

Some Postfix Add-on Software:

Good luck!


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pat5starAuthor Commented:

I'll award you the points just for the last link. I can't believe I didn't notice that link before but I most likely missed it because I downloaded the documentation for Postfix and never went back to the Postfix site.

Anyways, that add-on page has some other things that I eventually wanted to do as well so that helps me out greatly.

Thanks very much for your help, and the quick responses :-)

You are welcome, cheers!
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