Crystal Report formula - loop, condition

Tabel1: ReportID(PK), OrderID (one report only has one order)
Tabel2: OrderID, ItemID (no primary key)
Tabel3: ItemID(PK), Itemname  

I need a formula to print all the itemnames for a certain ReportID in one field, so this field can appear in report heading. Can anyone please help? Thanks.
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So is your report only reporting on one selected ReportID?

Assuming you are only reporting one ReportID in a report.

Create a formula fDetail:

global stringvar vItemnames;
vItemnames := vItemnames & ", " & {ItemId.ItemName};

This goes into the detail line but can be suppressed.

Create a formuls fRH:

global stringvar vItemnames;

This goes into the report header and needs to be formatted as 'Can Grow'.


jessica00Author Commented:
Yes, one selected ReportID.
I tried your suggestion, and get duplicated itemnames, and my other report details become duplicated as well.
Forgot to say, my report has two group sections. I have another two tables to hold printed details.
Table 4: Group1_name(PK), ReportID
Table 5: Group2_name, Group1_name - no PK in this table

Any more hints you can give me? Thanks
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'get duplicated itemnames, and my other report details become duplicated as well

I can sort out the duplicated itemnames but I don't know what you mean by 'other report details'.
Nothing I am doing is affecting the rest of the report.


The formula to go into the detail line is:

global stringvar array itemnames1;
global numbervar x;
numbervar y;
numbervar z;
for y:=1 to x do
if itemnames1[y] = {ItemId.ItemName} then
// do nothing

if z=0 then
redim preserve itemnames1[x];
itemnames1[x]:= {ItemId.ItemName};

The formula to go into the Report Header is :
global stringvar array itemnames1;
global numbervar x;
local stringvar result;
local numbervar xx;

result:= itemnames1[1];
for xx:=2 to x do
result:= result & chr(13) & itemnames1[xx];


jessica00Author Commented:
I sorted out with a subreport
PAQed, with points refunded (250)

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