WIN32 API function to get Disk free space..


  Any way of finding free disk space in pel WIN32 API..???

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you can use Win32::DriveInfo  -

use Win32::DriveInfo;

$TotalNumberOfFreeBytes = (Win32::DriveInfo::DriveSpace('c:'))[6];
prashanthgnAuthor Commented:
Thanx for the help,

I have 2 more questions,

How to get the number of files and dirs (including files and dirs in the sub dirs).
I tried to use

      use File::Find;
               find(\&Getfiles, "c:\\temp");
               sub Getfiles {
                       ### count files and dirs here....

But this takes a lot of time if the dir contains more number of files ....

Is there any of finding it more quickly....

Is there any function to check if any specified extension  file exists in a dir..??

Thanx in advance
It's just natural that it will take longer to do a recursive search if there are many files.. I don't know of any way to speed this up.
If you want to specify several top level directories to search, you can pass an array of dir paths to the sub:

@dirs = qw|c:/temp c:/winnt/system32|;
find(\&Getfiles, @dirs);

# this will print only txt and doc files.
# if you only want the filename and not the complete path
#  use $_ in place of $File::Find::name

sub Getfiles {
   return unless -f $File::Find::name;
   /(\.txt|\.doc)$/i && print "$File::Find::name\n";

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