Minimize button does not minimize a form

Even with a simple application (sample), the minimize button of the form, when you run it, does not minimize it !
I verified, that the biMinimize of BorderIcons is True.
What else has to be setup for this to work ?
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>What else has to be setup for this to work ?
Usually it works by default.
What operations have preceded to occurrence of the problem?
Do you use any "magic" components?
LeTayAuthor Commented:
Nothing special.
No magic components.
I need to find out of course what is different in that form.
Any idea of 'where' to search ?
OnMinimize in form or applcation.
I don't know where to search, because i see no code.
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go through your form's  OnCreate  event and comment out one line at a time, and see if when you remove that line, the form will minimize,  also, do you get the  WM_SYSCOMMAND  message, that can change the minimize
LeTayAuthor Commented:
Will try that and keep you informed
Sometimes you can trap yourself.  For example...

If you load the size and windowstate from the registry or an ini file in the wrong order you get a form that "appears" not to restore because the size is set after the form is maximized (did that make sence?)  look at this code snip:

This works...
procedure TSDIAppForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
var i, w : integer;
    FIniFileName := LowerCase(ExtractFileName(Application.ExeName));
    FIniFileName := '.\' + Copy(FIniFileName, 1, Length(FIniFileName) - 3) + 'ini';
    Ini := TInifile.Create(FIniFileName);
    // Window Dimentions
    with sdiappform do begin
      Left := ini.ReadInteger('window', 'left', 50);
      Top  := ini.ReadInteger('window', 'top', 50);
      Width := ini.ReadInteger('window', 'width', 450);
      Height := ini.ReadInteger('window', 'height', 400);
    // Windowstate
    w := ini.readinteger('Window', 'WindowState', 0);
      case w of
        0 : sdiappform.WindowState := wsNormal;
        1 : sdiappform.WindowState := wsMinimized;
        2 : sdiappform.WindowState := wsMaximized;
   // resize statusbar panels
    i := sdiappform.Width div 3;
    statusbar.Panels[0].Width := i;
    Application.OnHint := DisplayHint;

If this is recorded in the reverse order...

  If sdiappform.WindowState = wsNormal then w := 0;
  if sdiappform.WindowState = wsMinimized then w := 1;
  if sdiappform.WindowState = wsMaximized then w := 2;
  ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'WindowState', w);
  // if windowstate is not max then save current

  // dimentions...
  With sdiappform do
      // window dimentions
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Top', Top);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Left', Left);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Width', Width);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Height', Height);
  end;  // Uh-Oh, your window dimentions are that of a maximized screen  :(

  // Workaround
  If windowstate <> wsMaximized then with sdiappform do
      // window dimentions
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Top', Top);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Left', Left);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Width', Width);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Height', Height);
  end;  // If maximized, the last recorded wsNormal values will be saved.

It's late for me, so If I'm totally off the subject then excuse me :)  but, it may give you something to think about anyway.

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