Minimize button does not minimize a form

Posted on 2003-11-06
Last Modified: 2010-04-05
Even with a simple application (sample), the minimize button of the form, when you run it, does not minimize it !
I verified, that the biMinimize of BorderIcons is True.
What else has to be setup for this to work ?
Question by:LeTay

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>What else has to be setup for this to work ?
Usually it works by default.
What operations have preceded to occurrence of the problem?
Do you use any "magic" components?

Author Comment

ID: 9693875
Nothing special.
No magic components.
I need to find out of course what is different in that form.
Any idea of 'where' to search ?

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OnMinimize in form or applcation.
I don't know where to search, because i see no code.
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go through your form's  OnCreate  event and comment out one line at a time, and see if when you remove that line, the form will minimize,  also, do you get the  WM_SYSCOMMAND  message, that can change the minimize

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Will try that and keep you informed

Accepted Solution

fibdev earned 100 total points
ID: 9709069
Sometimes you can trap yourself.  For example...

If you load the size and windowstate from the registry or an ini file in the wrong order you get a form that "appears" not to restore because the size is set after the form is maximized (did that make sence?)  look at this code snip:

This works...
procedure TSDIAppForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
var i, w : integer;
    FIniFileName := LowerCase(ExtractFileName(Application.ExeName));
    FIniFileName := '.\' + Copy(FIniFileName, 1, Length(FIniFileName) - 3) + 'ini';
    Ini := TInifile.Create(FIniFileName);
    // Window Dimentions
    with sdiappform do begin
      Left := ini.ReadInteger('window', 'left', 50);
      Top  := ini.ReadInteger('window', 'top', 50);
      Width := ini.ReadInteger('window', 'width', 450);
      Height := ini.ReadInteger('window', 'height', 400);
    // Windowstate
    w := ini.readinteger('Window', 'WindowState', 0);
      case w of
        0 : sdiappform.WindowState := wsNormal;
        1 : sdiappform.WindowState := wsMinimized;
        2 : sdiappform.WindowState := wsMaximized;
   // resize statusbar panels
    i := sdiappform.Width div 3;
    statusbar.Panels[0].Width := i;
    Application.OnHint := DisplayHint;

If this is recorded in the reverse order...

  If sdiappform.WindowState = wsNormal then w := 0;
  if sdiappform.WindowState = wsMinimized then w := 1;
  if sdiappform.WindowState = wsMaximized then w := 2;
  ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'WindowState', w);
  // if windowstate is not max then save current

  // dimentions...
  With sdiappform do
      // window dimentions
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Top', Top);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Left', Left);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Width', Width);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Height', Height);
  end;  // Uh-Oh, your window dimentions are that of a maximized screen  :(

  // Workaround
  If windowstate <> wsMaximized then with sdiappform do
      // window dimentions
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Top', Top);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Left', Left);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Width', Width);
    Ini.WriteInteger('Window', 'Height', Height);
  end;  // If maximized, the last recorded wsNormal values will be saved.

It's late for me, so If I'm totally off the subject then excuse me :)  but, it may give you something to think about anyway.

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