Add Mailbox Small Business Server 2000

We're running a Small Business Server 2000 with Exchange.
When creating a new user account, at the end of the wizard I unchecked the box to create a mailbox for this new user.  Now, though, I want to create a mailbox for this user.  Can anyone tell me how to do this?  Thanks in advance
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Open Active Directory for Users and Computers
Right-click user name, choose All Tasks, Exchange Tasks, Create Mailbox.
Logon as the user and open Outlook to create a profile and to init the mailbox.
markmcelhoneAuthor Commented:
OK Quetzal,

I go into Active Directory Users and Computers and righ click on the username.  I go into All tasks - Exchange Tasks and then a wizard appears - 'Welcome to the Exchange Task Wizard'.  When I click next I am presented with only 3 options

      move mailbox
      delete mailbox, and
      enable instant messaging

Now this would make it look like the user has a mailbox but when I go into Small Business Server Administrator Console
     - Domain (Exchange)
         first storage group
          mailbox store

there isn't a mailbox for this user but is for all the other users.

Then I go into the users' properties and Exchange General tab.  It says under Mailbox Store
       server/First Storage Group/Mailbox Store (Server)
and under Alias:
Then in the Email Addresses tab:
though if I try to send email to this address it will go with no errors (as yet)

When I log on as the user and open Outlook to create a profile I just get the message:
     "The name could not be matched to a name in the address list".

Should I maybe just delete the account and start afresh of course backing their data up first?
This is an incredible coincidence...I've had exactly this problem:

Here is what I learned:

1. If you are in an environment with mutiple domain controllers, you may have to wait for AD replication to occur.  In my case, I was not.

2. Send an email message to the account and then open Outlook for the user.  [This is a recommendation from MS that they admit is not documented anywhere.]

3. Make sure you have enough licenses.  Turns out I was out of licenses for SBS, so I upped the count.

3 days ago, I was still having the problem when I called MS...identical symptoms.  I had to attend to some IT emergencies for the last couple days so I didn't get back to MS until this am to finish troubleshooting.  Lo and behold, the mailboxes were there, the names in the GAL, and Outlook opens fine.  Go figure.

Pls let me know what happens for you.   [BTW, MS closed my ticket with a no-decr...meaning I didn't have to use the ticket on this problem.]
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markmcelhoneAuthor Commented:
Again like yourself I am not in an environment with multiple domain controllers.

One thing I have to point out is that this user account has been active for a few weeks now.

Anyway, I sent an email to the user.  I then logged on as this user and opened Outlook to create their Outlook profile but still get the same message
       "The name could not be matched to a name in the address list".

Then still when doing the check name I put under Microsoft Exchange Server
and under the Mailbox
     just a single letter that would be in the username

A box appears with all the users who have that letter in their name but the 'new' users name does not and is not in the global address list .  Also, from the email I sent to this user earlier I still haven't had any response to say it never went through or whatever.  Also, I am the postmaster and so receive any mail that is incorrectly addressed.  I just sent one to and straight away it came to me although the other one I sent is still 'out there'.

As far as I know we do have enough licenses as we only upped them recently.
Based on the response to my other posting, I'd say that you need to burn a ticket with MS.  I would say that I really do not think that there was anything specific that I did to remedy the problem.
markmcelhoneAuthor Commented:
Burna ticket with MS?  Forgive my ignorance but what does this mean?
lol, sorry.  Purchase or use an incident (trouble ticket) with MS support, cost is $245 for single incidents.  Sorta like burning money....burn a warped sense of humor.

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markmcelhoneAuthor Commented:
Get ya now - i laughed so does that mean my sense of humour is warped also?  Some would say so.  A colleague of mine is calling by shortly on another matter and will see if between us we can resolve the matter and post back, cheers
markmcelhoneAuthor Commented:
OK Quetzal,

points go to you, albeit a bit late.  Just added some more licenses yesterday and though for a while nothing seemed to happen, resorted to burning a ticket as you say but the MS guy did nothing really to fix it that I hadnt done before.  It was just a matter of running the cleanup agent, rebuilding,  etc. and miraculously this seemed to work of course it would when someone else tries it.  ANyway, looks like it was prob a license prob anyway, cheers
Be sure to talk to the MS tech guy and verify that that nothing he did really helped.  Ask he will close the ticket as a "non-dec" (i.e. non-decrment)...which means you will have an incident available to use for something else.  These folks are usually really good about doing this.
lordy, my editing gets screwed up....Make that "Ask IF he will close...."

Someitmes my brain gets muffled all the words of :)
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