AIX 4.2.1 installation


Is it possible to install AIX V 4.2.1 on a RS/6000 p44 270 ?

do I need to do any thing special ?

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hold down F4 on graphical console or 4 on serial console while system boots having only install media inserted. (key must be pressed when machine tests keyboard).
better check out 4.3.3 - it is still not outdated.
You cannot install - that OS version supports HW of these times, not of today, sorry

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but 4.3.3 usually runs applications for 4.2.1 and 4.1.5 except some graphical i do not know of
5L has different licence manager, but apss who do not use that sometimes run with proper compatibility packages even in 64bit+JFS2 mode
some apps are written in assembly for old cpu, instal bos.adt.samples and check out emstat to see if particular app uses emulated instructions, if it uses, it may be too slow to use
no need to stick with old OS
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