Notes - SQL integration

We are running our quality system using Notes. We need to make a bridge from our purchasing,inventory system to a Notes database to track parts inspection, vendor performance etc.

I thought we would setup a Notes db and have an agent running to post updates from the SQL database to the Notes system. Once the data in the Notes environment its easy to access it for lookups etc.

Any comments ? Ideas?


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There is a product called LEI (Lotus Enterprise integrator) which can seemlesly replicate data from notes and non-notes databases. For further information check out

It is easy to setup, you have to install LEI on Domino server and configure the odbc or LC connectors available in LEI (this is more superior to ODBC) and setup a mapping called as Replication activity which will map your backend data to notes form data, schedule this activity and you are all set. There are more complex things that you can do I leave it for your learning.


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If you need further help on this product feel free to ask
ddenuAuthor Commented:
How about DECS? What is the difference between LEI and DECS?

Introduction to R

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Competitors to LEI include Notrix, Replic-Action, zMerge

Also, you can use @DbLookup and @DbColumn against SQL data.  For a web browser application, the server will have to have the ODBC drivers installed.  For a Notes client app, you will have to have them on all the Notes clients.  (To avoid putting it on all the Notes clients, it is possible to set up a server-side agent to periodically update the information in a profile document.)

Another way is via LotusScript or Java (JDBC+Notes).  In LotusScript, you can use the older LS:DI or the new LCLSX.  LS:DI is much easier to use and better documented, but not as efficient or flexible as LSXLC.
LEI used to be called NotesPump.  Originally, it only supoprted "batch" (scheduled trasnfers or one-time manual transfers) of all data in a set.

Later, NotesPump includd a real-time facility, where any Notes document write resulted in an update or an insert, and any Notes document read resulted in a select.  The idea was to more or less match one row to one document.
Eventually, Lotus split off the real time component, called it DECS, and bundled it in free with Notes and with Domino.  the original batch transfer was renamed LEI (Lotus Enterprise Integrator).  The DLLs the use for data access/transfer are the same for both, and are included in DECS.  LCLSX provides a LotusScript object model for using thsoe DLLs.
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