ssh on irix


I am trying to install
on an sgi system running irix.  However, I ./configure then try and make but I get
no arguments or description file (bu7).
{Can anyone help?

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can you look at or ???

they both have openssh for Irix.

please post the error messages in detail so that we an better help u.
mbpssgmsAuthor Commented:
Hi I now ran ./configure for

everything seemed to go ok, when I tried to make I received
no arguments or description file (bu7).

I suppose I could go in and install locally but, I'd rather install remotely from here.

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configure should have generated a Makefile for you.  If it didn't, that's where your problem lies.
Why not use gheists excellent suggestion and autoinstall from ...? Or am I beeing daft in some unforseen way?-)

-- Glenn
Rebuilding is lengthy job which is best done on system containing no valuable data. If you need an apllication NOW, please prefer packages made by vendor. Like ssh iis name for simple shell on AIX (30KB small shell used in maintenance mode). And assuming you blindly do make install as root, you can rewrite heart of you system and begin looking for few months old full backup for files, and instructions how to get back a non-bootable system.
mbpssgmsAuthor Commented:
I have no Makefile.  Where do I obtain one, pls?
a) unpack installation -
$ gzip -cd openssh-3.7.1p2.tar.gz | tar xf -
b) run configure script
cd openssh-3.7.1p2
. ./configure
c) examine logfile called typescript, if it says failed I will not help, read README yourself
$ pg typescript
d) build software
$ make
$ gmake
e) if it still did not fail you can become root and install:
su - root -c (g)make install
> no arguments or description file (bu7).
indicates that your compiler is incomplete
Sounds like you have IRIX with no bundled compiler.
You could also just upddate to one of the latest Irix-builds. I think 6.5.20 and above have ssh included, although if You upgrade Your system You would have to "inst" the ssh yourself.

If there is a missing compiler one could install gcc from

good luck.


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