SMTP MTA creating att*.unk files in work path

I am running Lotus Domino server 4.6.7 with the SMTP MTA service, and it is creating an att*.unk file every time an email is received with an attachment: e.g. 3 emails received with attachments creates 3 files in the work path folder called att1.unk, att2.unk, att3.unk etc.
I was running 4.6.3 before and this was not occurring.
The mail recipients seem to be getting the attachments OK, so it seems to be mostly a clean-up problem or something?
Any ideas? It is just annoying to have to clean up the folder all the time...
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This question has been answered in this forum several times.. probably a search will lead you to some good solns

Anyway, here is the link from Lotus which describes this problem especially related to outlook using its native rtf

MicroficheAuthor Commented:
Sorry, that is not the issue. This is not about users receiving UNK files. I did search this forum and many others, including the IBM Notes forum for an answer to this and could find nothing.
The users are NOT seeing the UNK files, they are in the SMTP MTA work path.
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That is good isn't it ! Why do you want user to see .unk files ? Probably notes is filtering it out as it is not necessary for it to be in the mail it is just a formatting descriptor file.
MicroficheAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your efforts, however, I don't think you are understanding the issue. Please re-read my previous posts. This is not about users receiving UNK files, they do not see them ever. This is an Admin issue, where the files are being created in the SMTP MTA work path on the server (not in the users email).
This has nothing to do with Exhange or Outlook issues. Every attachment that is received from any email client creates these files.
Thanks anyways!
patience dude..

Now I am getting the whole picture..

Did you check your log for any errors on housekeeping. Also check your domain configuration document for mta controls for housekeeping parameters

Control - Enable daily housekeeping
Control - Perform daily housekeeping at ... set it to time before the compact task runs

MicroficheAuthor Commented:
Sorry, in the middle of a server switch, so lots of stuff going on, and I am a little testy.
Yup, both of those are set.
There have been no config changes since the server was running at version 4.6.3 without this issue. Seems to be related to 4.6.7 somehow? I did find one post in the forum that referenced this issue, but it was never responded to. A Google search finds this link, which seems to suggest it is a problem???!OpenDocument

That seems to suggest that it appeared in 4.6.5
Are you running any backup or antivirus softwares . Check for conflicting schedules between notes tasks and the above said software task and correct it so that notes task runs without any interruption from other softwares or even better disable these softwares and run it for one day and see if it leaves unk files on the disk.

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Well, we all know the real answer.  the SMTP MTA was a stopgap measure.  You really need to upgrade to R5 or R6.
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