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I'm not sure of the best way to do so, but I would like to take a copy of my emails to a new job. Both are running Lotus Notes, however, might be slightly different versions.

I also have an archive file that I'd like to take with me.

Can anyone suggest a solution?
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1) Open the mail file
2) File -> Database -> New copy
3) If using R6, change the extension from .NSF to .NS5

4) Open archive
5) Repeat steps 2 and 3; if the filename is the same as the mail file name, then change it to something else (e.g., append archive befire the .nsf)

6) If you fear that the new employer might be using Notes version 4, then repeat all steps, but change extenson from .NSF to .NS4

7) Zip all files and put on a CD
It should not be a problem if you are using R5 and archived it in this ODS , you can open this in R6 but not R4.

cshogreAuthor Commented:
Would it be as simple as just finding my archive nsf file and copying it? Ditto on the active mail file?
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Yes just copy it to your new local workstation and do a compact and the open this will align the db to your current version level.

PS: Before transferring it to your cd or tape do a compact on both archive and active mail file
cshogreAuthor Commented:
I confirmed, it is going from R5 to R5, that makes me feel better.

I have succesfully made a copy. Just out of curiousity, does the changing of the extension actually invoke a change in the way it makes the copy, or just so the other version can see it?

Thanks for your quick help guys, I'm honored to have created a response from the top two experts.

I looked all over for my mail file, thinking it would be easy to get to, but couldn't find it. I have to award points to qwalatee for giving me the steps.


The extension actually affects the database structure.  All versions of Notes use a file extenson of .nsf.  However, each major version changed the way the database is structured, so Notes 4 can't read an R5 NSF, and R5 can't read an R6 NSF.  To allow data trasnfer among the versions, the convention Lotus came up with is that when a file is created, if instead of calling it .nsf, you use .ns#, it will create a database compatible with the version number specified.  It always works for one release backwards, sometimes 2.

So, when using R5 to create an R4 database, you simply change the extension at create time from NSF to NS4.  When Notes creates teh file, it checks the extension, and uses the appropriate version-specific on-disk structure.

Hemantha deserved some points though - he came up with the basic idea, and posted before I did.

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