XML embedded Email Message

I have someone asking for a way to send someone an email that contains some type of form, or GUI interface where a person receiving the email could enter in some basic pieces of information and when done submit that information directly into a database located somewhere else on the internet. They are wanting this done via XML.
Have any of you ever heard of/thought of how this could be done. I'm not sure how an xml message could be embedded or attached to an email, allowing the reader to enter data and submit it to a database.

If you have any ideas how this would work could you point me in the right direction?
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Are there even any email clients that support arbitrary XML?

Seems to me there's no reason not just to use a plain old HTML form for something like this.
scatee7Author Commented:
That is my thought but:

How could you pass the credentials for the database connection without the entire internet being able to see?
For the form, you mean? You don't do any authentication in the form, you do that in the form processor it posts to. And the DB connection ifno itself you should keep in an include file in non-public space anyway.
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scatee7Author Commented:
Would that authentication be passed in clear text or is there a way to encrypt the authentication? I do not want someone to be able to see the user and pass to access the db.
You should not be passing the authentication user/pass for your database to any machine...  There's no need for doing so and it clearly presentes a huge risk.

Rather, setup an include file on the server that has the database connection functions & user/pass in it.  If you place this database connectivity file in a directory above the public www directory, nobody from the outside world will be able to access it but your server will still be able to find it through the local file system.

Best way to go for this would be using PHP/mySQL as it's free and works the most seemlessly w/ all operating systems.  Could also use ASP and Access or some other database system, but this is relies upon windows.

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scatee7Author Commented:
that makes much more sense.

I appreciate the insight.

> You should not be passing the authentication user/pass for your database to any machine... Rather, setup an include file on the server that has the database connection functions & user/pass in it.

Isn't that what I said?
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