Override diabled Workstation only

Hi !

Is there any way that i can login to Workstation only even if it´s disabeld in the client setup?

ServerOS        : Netware 5.1
Client              : Client 4.83 / 4.9
WorkstationOS : Windows XP / 2000
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Do you mean that "workstation only" has been disabled, or that the "display workstation only checkbox" feature has been disabled?

Try unplugging the network cable and rebooting.  If the Novell client can't find a network, it usually will allow login locally.
ThopsAuthor Commented:
I mean that the checkbox is unchecked.

We have some workstations that i want to secure from local logon, the reason is that i don´t want the students to be able to go on the Internet without Netware login.
The workstations have wireless networking and sometimes it don´t connect to the network and i want to be able to start the workstation and correct the problem.

When this happends i am "unplugged" but i can not start workstation only as you suggest.
Do you have the "workstation only" checkbox in the NetWare login dialog, only it is not checked?  Or do you have it set up so that the "workstation only" checkbox does not appear on the NetWar login dialog?

Do you have BorderManager running as your firewall?  If so, you can prevent unauthorized, unauthenticated Internet access through BorderManager features.
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Try this TID:

It's for Client 4.9.  Don't know that these features would work for the 4.83 client.

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it's for Client 4.90 only - new features.

You can remove the Workstation Only checkbox, but if the user fails to authenticate to NetWare the workstation will prompt to log into Windows.  If you are using ZENworks with a Dynamic Local User policy in the User Policy Package, you can make the policy Volatile - ie:  it will delete the user accounts when the user logs out.  Thus, there will be no local user account to log into if Windows prompts for a local login.

that and the BM thingy ShineOn suggested.
ThopsAuthor Commented:
Wow... now i´m confused :-)

1. The only thing i have done, or want to do, is to leave the checkbox in client setup/ advanced login (i think) unchecked.
2. I don't have BorderManager
3. I have ZenWorks installed but havent been successful in figuring it out, i have tried Dynamic local users for other reasons but couldn´t get the policyfiles right. Can i stop "Workstation only" users from accessing the Internet with that?

---> ShineOn
I found this where you pointed me :
It may be that the administrator does not want the "Workstation Only" checkbox displayed, but does want the user to be able to login to the workstation only in the event that the network is not available. This is made possible by setting the "Workstation Only Fallback" flag.  If it is set, and the Network authentication fails, and the "Workstation Only" flag is clear, Login will still ask you if you want to login "Workstation Only". To enable this functionality, set this registry flag:

     DWORD: Workstation Only Fallback (default 0)
     0=Don't allow Workstation Only login in case of network authentication failure.
     1=Allow Workstation Only login in case of network authentication failure.

// End Quote//

It seems to do the trick, i will try it at work tomorrow ( it´s nine in the evening here i sweden)

I´ll be back, thanks for now!
> 3. I have ZenWorks installed but havent been successful in figuring it out, i have tried Dynamic local users for other reasons but
> couldn´t get the policyfiles right. Can i stop "Workstation only" users from accessing the Internet with that?

Do you mean with a policy?  I wouldn't.  I'd recommend volatile Dynamic Local User like DSPoole suggested - and don't let any students know your local admin signon or password.

ThopsAuthor Commented:
Well, i´ll se if i can get the volatile Dynamic Local User set up to work. I don´t remember what went wrong the last time. I think it was something with the mandatory profile for the dynamic user. I remember having problems with creating and setting that up.
We can help with that, too.  It properly should be a new question, though.
You can use the Workstation Policy Package (specifically the NT Client Configuration) to remove the Workstation Only check box from the Windows machine...
orrrrrr... if you are brave, you can do it manually:

right-click My Network Places - Properties
right-click on you Local Area Connection - Properties
select the Novell Client for Windows - Properties
select the Advanced Login tab
in the Show on Login section, uncheck the Workstation Only box there -

press the OK buttons and reboot - the Workstation Only button is now gone.
ThopsAuthor Commented:
That was not nice.....

It´s not the actual removal of the button that is the problem, i´m not THAT stupid ! :-(

Thops - I'm sure that DSPoole was not attempting to be rude or facetious in his recommendations.  Sometimes the written word can be misinterpreted, because we depend so much on facial expression and body language as part of communication.  Please don't be offended.
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