W2K login problem

Friend purchased from company going out of business an IBM Thinkpad T22 that has W2k Pro.  Problem is he cant get past the login screen since he doesnt know the password.  He can't get this info from former company because it doesnt exist anymore.  What he wants to do is reformat drive to clean all info and then install XP Pro which he owns a copy of already.  How can this be accomplished?  If I download him bootdisk where would it boot to since DOS is not installed and its my understanding that DOS is not part of W2k because of NTFS.
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Can he boot off the CD-ROM?  Check the BIOS and see if the system allows this.  Then just boot off the XP CD and do the installation.  

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Dufo G. BelskiRetired bureaucrat/desktop supportCommented:
Using a bootdisk, you don't need an operating system on the computer itself, the disk contains everything you need to get the computer booted.

If you need a bootdisk, go to www.bootdisk.com.
Use this tool and you can change the password to whatever you want (I recommend blanking it for best results).

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Also, if you don't care about the data that is currently there, just boot from the XP CD and delete the partitions and start fresh.....
rngrfanAuthor Commented:
I had him change his bios settings and he can boot from cd but will this reformat drive also or just create a new partition
He should have the choice to format or keep the current partition.
rngrfanAuthor Commented:
Well while XP was running setup he got a Session3_initialization_failed message
Tech info: *** STOP:0x0000006F (0xc0000020, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Ive seen this before and needed to download Smss.exe from a good system to floppy and install from DOS but dont know to do with W2k because no dos boot.


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