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Is there a chart or scale which shows the best guess as to the cost per page of printing with different printers. Also inkjet vs laser?
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Lasers are far cheaper to use. Say 0.5p/sheet whereas an ink jet can cost 5 - 6 p/sheet if in colour. In other words a ratio of 10:1 in costs. It all depends on whether you want colour or not. By the way the latest laser colour printers are cheap say approx £400 - don't know about running costs - worth checking out.

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I don't see a 10:1 ratio. In Australia, I work on the following rule of thumb for colour printers:

At 20% coverage (5% of each colour) a typical laser will cost about 20 cents. The new low-cost 4-pass lasers run between 20 and 30 cents (and at only 4 ppm they're slow), and inkjets between 30 and 40 cents.

At higher or lower coverage, costs are roughly proportional.
10:1 is pretty reasonable for colour BJ vs B&W laser---probably generous to the BJ.  A set of Epson cartridges for a C60 is about cdn$90...about the same as a Samsung toner cart for an ML1430.  The Sammy cost twice as much up front and has already more than paid for itself.  I've had a great deal of trouble with Epson and would no longer recommend it to anybody:  the copy is never good and you can easily burn through $40 of ink just trying to get it clean.

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Yes, one of the things many people forget about inkjets is the amount of ink they use in cleaning. This includes not just the manual cleans to unclog missing jets, but also the hidden one that is performed automatically every time you switch it on. You can empty the cartridges without ever printing anything, just by turning the printer on repeatedly.

Of course a colour inkjet costs a LOT more to print than a mono laser, but then a colour laser also costs a lot more, even if you're only printing B&W. Down under, a typical B&W text page from a B&W laser costs 2.5 cents, compared to a "typical" colour laser page of 20 cents. On a colour laser the B&W text page will set you back around 4 cents.

My experience with Epson is better than #5764's I find them about the best if you want good photo quality - maybe I just never encountered a dud.
I agree with wastage problem in ink jet cleaning cycles - very wasteful. We found that on our Epson photo 1200 we can only get about 160 pages out of an ink cartridge - irrespective of who makes it. The true Epson cartridge costs about £15 so about 10p/sheet (plus the cost of the black cartridge - say about £6 so it's actually over 10p/sheet. We can't do without a colour printer at home so we're stuck with it as it's cheaper to use it rather than buy a brand new colour laser printer - however cheap!

Using clone cartridges certainly reduces the cost ratio to about 4:1 and is worth doing even if you get the odd dud cartridge.
hd...could well be that you do a lot more colour printing than I do.  Plenty of exercise keeps your jets young and supple. long as you do enough colour printing to keep the nozzles from drying out it may be worthwhile to buy a B/W laser as well--they've gotten ridiculously cheap.   OTOH, it sounds like Epson is are a lot cheaper over there:  A jobber black tank is about cdn$15 here in BC.
guynumber5764 - You're quite right about the laser option. We came to that conclusion so I bought a Brother HL-1450. It works at about 11 ppm and so is much better at capturing web pages quickly. If we want it in colour we can then print specific pages on th eEpson phot 1200. The Brother HL-1450 is also much better and faster for formal letters etc. Cheaper and smarter.

Try for inexpensive clone cartridges. They've been OK for me and they are about 30% of the cost of the real McCoy.

wyliecoyoteukIT directorCommented:
If you want a high volume B&W or colour option, checkout the Ricoh range of MFPs
the Image Quality and cost per page is significantly better than most standalone Lasers
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