Printer File INFDS

What position in the Printer File INFDS will tell me the Overlfow Line Number (if it does)?

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D ODP_TYPE 81 82 * ODP Type
D FILE_NAME 83 92 * File name
D LIBRARY 93 102 * Library name
D SPOOL_FILE 103 112 * Spool file name
D SPOOL_LIB 113 122 * Spool file lib
D SPOOL_NUM 123 124I 0 * Spool file num
D RCD_LEN 125 126I 0 * Max record len
D KEY_LEN 127 128I 0 * Max key len
D MEMBER 129 138 * Member name
D TYPE 147 148I 0 * File type
D ROWS 152 153I 0 * Num PRT/DSP rows
D COLUMNS 154 155I 0 * Num PRT/DSP cols
D NUM_RCDS 156 159I 0 * Num of records
D ACC_TYPE 160 161 * Access type
D DUP_KEY 162 162 * Duplicate key?
D SRC_FILE 163 163 * Source file?
D VOL_OFF 184 185I 0 * Vol label offset
D BLK_RCDS 186 187I 0 * Max rcds in blk
D OVERFLOW 188 189I 0 * Overflow line
D BLK_INCR 190 191I 0 * Blk increment
D FLAGS1 196 196 * Misc flags
D REQUESTER 197 206 * Requester name
D OPEN_COUNT 207 208I 0 * Open count
D BASED_MBRS 211 212I 0 * Num based mbrs
D FLAGS2 213 213 * Misc flags
D OPEN_ID 214 215 * Open identifier
D RCDFMT_LEN 216 217I 0 * Max rcd fmt len
D CCSID 218 219I 0 * Database CCSID
D FLAGS3 220 220 * Misc flags
D NUM_DEVS 227 228I 0 * Num devs defined

Hi here is what I know of the pinter INFDS

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