How to restore Exchange onto another computer?

Hello All

Basically my exchange server is not responding. (Server A).  We have over 200 mailboxes on this server.  My plan is to build another server (Server B) with a brand new information store.

The database files are fine and do not need to be restored from backup.  The problem lies with the server itself cause it cannot see the GC.

a)      My plan is to somehow import the mailbox from Server A (I can see the MDBDATA dir) into Server B.  How can this be accomplished?

b)     If I do somehow export the mailboxes from Server A, the GC will then moan cause the mailboxes exisit on Server A and cannot exist anymore.  How do I get around this one?

c)   A possible solution to the above is to rename all the mailboxes on Server A (via GC server) to mailboxA (instead of mailbox) and then re-create accounts on the new server, very slow process but I cannot see another way.

Basically I need to know how to move mailboxes from server A to server B.  Server A cannot access the GC, but we know the info store is fine.  If we simply mount the info store on Server B will the GC notice the changes or will it moan saying that the mailbox already exists on server A.
Please help!

Many thanks
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jcfrietmanAuthor Commented:

Restarted server, waited about 25 minutes and then the server failed once again (Exchange was not started).

So far the only error I have got so far in the Application Log is as follows:

Event ID   2104
Process WINMGMT.EXE (PID 1576). All the DS in servers in the domain are not responding

any ideas please?
Is it possible, that your DC have a second NIC? The error log points to this. Usually a DC should never have two NICs. Make sure you have marked at least one DC as Global Catalog Server. Usually this do not prevent the server from starting, with the exception of the situation, that the Exchange can not find the ADS.

If you have the support tools installed (WIN2K CD) you can run netdiag, dcdiag and browstat -status, to check your network configuration, domain configuration and the state of the master browser services.

If your store is not the problem, there is a usually a network issue, which do not need to have something to do with exchange. Can you describe, which services are starting and which not? I assume, that there is no need for any installation as far as you have not made any experiments by changing Exchange permissions.

If you decide to reinstall the server, and the information store is ok, there is usually no need for exporting something, exchange 2K is less restrictive for running the store on a reinstalled server. Sendondary, the IS should run if you want to export mailboxes using EXMerge etc.

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If ur exchange is on a memeber server just use exmerge to pst all ur mailboxes and use outlook to pst all ur public folders.Just remove the server from domain and use another server or
the same formated server and install first win2k and then exchange
/disaterreovery.Use the same name (for server and exchange organization)and all u have to do now is to use exmerge again to import ur data.
Now if ur exchange is on a DC(i hope u have two)just run dcpromo
or use ADSI to remove the server from ur domain and reinstall
the same server,DC (dont make any changes to the server name or exchange organization)and exchange /disaterrecovery and use exmerge agian to import.

jcfrietmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.

I am just installing SP3 onto the server and keeping my fingers crossed.

A comment on Vahik solution.  When I export the data onto pst.  I will then remove the faulty server from the domain I guess I will need to remove Exchange first ?  If I was to remove E2K first, it will not let me since I still have active mailboxes on the server (AD).  How do I over come this situation?  Will the system allow me to remove the server from AD without removing E2K ?

If it does, I can get another server up and running rename it to the faulty server and then dcpromo this one.  
What happens when I try and get Exchange on?  Since the server still exists on the System Manager I do not think it will allow me to do this?  

Also how do I get the accounts backup and running.  I can import the data in, but it will need an account?  it this straight forward?

Comments on Bembi suggestion, I am beginning to believe it has nothingto do with Exchange.  I rebooted the server and it crashed after 22 minutes (exchange had not started ) and we could not see users and computers.  I think this is an issue with the system rather than the application

Many thanks for your help
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