Interesting problem with real payment.... https proxy

  The application has to go through a proxy server and the webpage is secured or not by a username and password. I need this part. The application then will go through few proxy servers like this :  PC ->encrypted transmision-> Server1 ->encrypted transmision-> Server2 ->etc-> FinalWebServer.
   The 'proxy server' can be any program running as http proxy but can receive information on any ports. Also this 'proxy' must be able not to trace back the transmision.
   My e-mail is :
   I will pay money for any working source (not asm) in delphi 6,7.
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The proxy itself will always be able to trace back the source, or it would be incapable of completing a connection.  However, since ICMP is not HTTP, tracert will not be able to traverse proxies.

You could build something like this using ICS - see for some ideas.
TheNew-OldAuthor Commented:
  Yes I know that. What I mean is if someone, let say finalwebserver ask "the proxy" who am I the proxy should answer 'white house' or anything i need (or just to say that is no proxy and is a direct connection).  My english is not that good and is hard for me to say what I have to say.
   I can build something like this myself but it must be perfect without any errors. So only a brain can overpass some problems but more brains :))
TheNew-OldAuthor Commented:
 Anyway the important part for me is to make a transfer from PC ->encryted transmision + extra data -> proxy ->
  I want that my ISP to see only encrypted transmisions.
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That is what a proxy does ... to the "internet" it looks like it is the only user, and to the user, it looks like it is the entire internet.
TheNew-OldAuthor Commented:
 Yes....but my ISP will be able to see what I send to the "proxy" if not encrypted. And so on from proxy to proxy.
  If encrypted then ISP !#@?!@$#!#@$
  That's what I mean.
ISP generally doesn't care, unless you generate excessive traffic.

You generally have to infer the presence of a proxy, unless the proxy has open ports on the exposed side for internet to internet relaying.  At that point in time, it doesn't matter what you do encryption wise because what goes in comes out on the same physical wire.  The ISP can tell that you are relaying with automated mechanisms, and if it is against your service agreement then they don't have to know the contents to legally cut your service.

SSL provides encryption.  There is a project to add SSL to ICS.  I believe that there are commercial products with SSL also.

No encryption is totally secure - A math professor in Florida showed emprically that 128 bit encryption can be cracked with home equipment in about 3 days.  You may want to check out the security forums for more hints.

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TheNew-OldAuthor Commented:
 10x anyway man...

   The idea is that the proxy server is located at another ISP. If you can help me how to connect encrypted to that proxy server on port 32432 (no importance) and after that the proxy to connect to the internet without encryption please let me know at :

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