Problems recognizing USB Mouse with KVM Switch (Windows XP and 2000)

I recently installed a generic USB KVM 2-port switch (specific hardware list below).  I have a laptop running XP and a desktop running 2000 and one monitor, keyboard, and mouse being shared between the two.  I connected the USB mouse and PS2 keyboard to the front of the KVM, but my machines are having difficulty recognizing the mouse on startup.  I've switched the selector back and forth between the two machines, but it's still not recognized.  I finally had to unplug the mouse and connect it directly to the machine I want to use.

Any help would be appreciated.


Generic USB KVM 2-port switch w/ 4 USB ports (one used by mouse)
HP Pavilion ZE5000 laptop w/ Mobility M6 32MB video card
Microsoft Natural Multimedia PS/2 Keyboard
Logitech USB Mouse
Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000 Pro
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Presumably your keyboard is also USB and is working fine?  Have you checked BIOS settings?
I've had a similar problem in the past and it turned out to be my extender cable.  If you're using one try swapping it from the keyboard to the mouse. . .
johnelstadAuthor Commented:
Thanks for helping out.

Actually, the keyboard is PS/2 and, yes, it is working fine.  A complete list of my hardware configuration is in the original email.

I have checked basic BIOS settings, but I'm no expert, so recommendations would be welcome.  It's a Phoenix BIOS supplied by HP which has very few options.

I don't think I'm using an extender cable.  The mouse and keyboard connect directly to the KVM switch.

Thanks again,

do you have any other USB devices plugged into the switcher.  Do you have something else besides a USB mouse you can try??  (USB Printer, iPod, ext. usb hard drive, etc...)

Does the KVM switch have a spot to plug in the mouse to a PS/2... you could try using a USB->PS/2 converter (one probably came with your mouse) and use the PS/2 port


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johnelstadAuthor Commented:
I have a 4-port USB hub that plugs into the switcher.  All of the peripherals connected to it work fine.  I just printed a document via the USB printer to make sure.

I'll have to pick up a USB->PS/2 converter as I don't have a PS/2 mouse.  I'll let you know if that helps.


I wouldn't think it would cost more than $10 for the adapter... I just took a picture of what the adapter looks like in case you get a retarded salesperson. :)

The USB end

The PS/2 end

The adapter size compared to an ink pen

Good luck!

Heres one if you want to buy online.... $7.42

or maybe just borrow one from a friend if you can... I've gotten one with every USB mouse I've ever purchased.

Also, update your mouse drivers if you haven't already... they would be available from
you must on each PC install the drivers.
I would also check if the mouse is making good electrical contact - jiggle it a bit before turning the system on and see if that doesn't improve the situation.
johnelstadAuthor Commented:
He shoots; he score!  RatStud nails it.  Now that I have the USB->PS/2 adapter ($5 at Fry's) things work great on both machines.  In retrospect, it's such a simple solution I'm embarassed I didn't think of it myself.

Thanks for the all the help!

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